Web Security Gets a Boost with CYREN's Next Generation Sandbox

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 5, 2015

MCLEAN, VA: CYREN, a web security provider introduces CYREN Next Generation Sandbox service in a new step towards cloud based global web and messaging protection program. This Next Generation Sandbox service utilizes the power of processed and multi-layered sandboxing capabilities of global cyber intelligence rather than fallible human analysis or reactive procedures caused by customer infection or attack.

The service provides threat analysis on a mass-scale through a vast range of cloud-based sandboxes. By using proprietary heuristic logic, it detects potential threats through multiple sandboxes and changes the item's reputation score as it moves forward.

Through a fully automated process, the best environment is chosen to analyze malware samples based on the extracted features. Meanwhile, another process ensures maximum execution of the analysis and redirects these samples to environments based on requirements. As the threat is identified, the CYREN global cyber intelligence platform is instantly updated and users are proactively protected against that threat.

Features of the CYREN Smart Sandbox service include:

Multi-Layered Dynamic Analysis – Malware is eliminated in various environments in both physical and virtual machines. Several sandbox engines perform these actions on a standard physical machine, while enabling user activities such as mouse movement, application launching and keyboard typing.

Advanced Behavior Analysis – The elimination of the malware takes place in continues process until behavioral data is established and extracted. The logic is fully automated and saves lot of time and trouble for identifying the best analysis conditions.

Decoupled Sandbox Framework – The generated behavioral report is categorized to enable automated conclusions, regardless of which sandbox engine generated the report.

Industry-leading detection heuristics - Focuses on network activity and OS level.

Severity Level Calculation – Using multiple problem solving engines, total risk level of analyzed files is gathered and a detailed record is given for the reported anomalous behaviors.

Multi-Tenancy – Research analysts can safely run sensitive files without risking privacy compromise.