Wellspring and Deep Web Technologies Partners to Develop 'Search Once Scouting' Tool

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 6, 2015

CHICAGO, IL: Wellspring, a developer of advanced software infrastructure for technology scouts, corporate venturing, and licensing professionals is collaborating with Deep Web Technologies (DWT)- a designer of federated search solutions; to build a new search solution ‘Search Once Scouting’ that sports ability to enable organizations scout various documents from over thirty authoritative sources.

Deep Web Technologies built a proprietary software platform ‘Explorit’ which provides access to collection of Internet information sources that are not searchable through regular web search engines. Its advance information discovery tool performs real-time searches of multiple information sources, while merging the results into a single page. It also delivers federated search engine- the technology which fulfills the need of professionals to search diverse content sources with one query in real-time, aggregating results from various databases into presentable information.

In order enhance collaborations and accelerate discovery process, Wellspring’s technology identifies and captures value from customers' Knowledge Supply Chains. Wellspring product portfolio includes, Sophia, Flintbox and Zeto which allow organizations to effectively manage, commercialize and invest their network of intellectual assets, curtailing redundant effort.

Search Once Scouting tool will leverage DWT’s tools and content integration capabilities and integrates into Wellspring’s software platform to allow professionals to detect highest potential opportunities and investments as well as search content from patent, publication, expertise and invention databases.

“The seamless integration enables our clients to find and import critical information without any data entry. Ultimately, the DWT partnership results in better informed decisions for our clients,” says Dr. Robert Lowe, CEO, Wellspring.

The latest solution will let users search more than 100 Mn records instantly and offer agile way to discover new technologies, implement them and manage evaluation of competitive landscape and acquisition process. In short, the jointly developed solution provides one place for better collaboration and access to find innovative and promising application.