What are the Web Development Trends that Developers must Avoid in 2019?
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What are the Web Development Trends that Developers must Avoid in 2019?

By CIOReview | Friday, June 4, 2021

Every year, the web development industry witnesses new trends. The new patterns can easily mislead the upcoming developers into wasting their energy, resource, and time on untested applications and ineffective design tools. It is better to avoid this behavior and focus on cultivating a strong core skillset as a web developer.

FREMONT, CA:  Advancement in technology has ensured that the World Wide Web is no longer filled with just simple, static web pages. Instead, technology and web development have allowed users to create meaningful, interactive, and dynamic websites. Many references will help a user to develop their websites creatively, and many references will even tell the steps that they are not supposed to take for a better outcome. Users may implement the best practices, but knowing what not to do is as essential as knowing what to do.

In this present era, one of the crucial aspects of web development is not to follow every trend in the market. It is vital to stay competitive as per e-commerce tools, website functionality, and SEO practices but having some insights about the directions to follow and the ones to avoid is also crucial.

The first step that a user can take is by keeping their website active. If the website of the business is stagnant, it means that the site is losing traffic and increasing the bounce rate. Here are some of the other things that a user must try to pursue.

Be cautious of the JavaScript Framework Bandwagons

Some of the popular JavaScript available today are Angular, React, and Vue, but there are many web developers who make the mistake of focusing on these systems without having proper knowledge in the necessary JavaScript.

A web developer must know every detail about the JavaScript at the back of their hand. There is little or no doubt that learning the trending JavaScript framework will enhance the marketability of the skillset, but users must have a firm understanding of the basics of JavaScript.

Prevent Using the Bootstrap

The Bootstrap might help to create quick and painless UI structures, but in the cookie-cutter functionality, it offers little beyond the basic functions. Most of the young web developers depend on the Bootstrap as it is an easy tool to style the web-based applications. However, the employers of a web development team take this dependence on Bootstrap as a failure to understand site performance and basics of CSS.

Stop Designing only for Desktop

Most of the web developers get single track minded when it is about designing for users. However, most of the web traffic happens on smartphones, and web developers can get greater success with their responsive designs.

Earlier, during a web development for mobile platforms, most of the companies used to conduct two iterations, one for the laptop and desktop browsing with a full-size monitor and another for the mobile devices. Nowadays, smartphones have evolved into a handheld computer, making it easier to develop customized websites and web content for mobile phone users.Web Design and Development

A responsive design will allow the designer to develop websites that will alter its appearance based on the device. It is better not to design an entirely new mobile site or assume that web traffic is going to be from mobile platforms in the future.

Do Not Value Presentation over Performance

For a website, improving its appeal is necessary, but a visitor will not linger for long in a site if the fundamentals of it are confusing. It is also not suitable for a website to make its users wait, as the modern internet users have become intolerant towards slow-loading pages.

Most of the times, a website is the first route for the users to find a developer, so it is better not to take any risk with its functionality. The most updated web development trends may hold some promise but are always advised to polish the core skills before starting any experiment with emerging designs and patterns.

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