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Why Enterprises are Shifting towards Hybrid Cloud and Multi-cloud Computing?

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 26, 2018

Over the years, cloud technology has evolved manifolds and has become ubiquitous across every industry. While only a handful of players dominated this industry, today there are several on-hand cloud technology service providers available in the market. Some time back, data storage was the only cloud-based service available to organizations, but backup and disaster recovery options soon followed, and now we have several cloud services available in the market. Now companies can use hybrid cloud or multiple-cloud computing models based on their data requirements.

Hybrid cloud model brings forth several interesting options for enterprises. It helps an organization to access private and public clouds for creating backups, archive, and share data. With multi-cloud computing, enterprises can access data centers across different regions and subsequently store data close to its point of consumption, resulting in considerably reduced lag times. Apart from being geo-redundant, multi-cloud computing also enables companies to be far more secure as it brings additional recoverability, redundancy, privacy, and security of data.