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Why is Cloud Security More Important than Ever

By CIOReview | Friday, May 17, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The use of cloud computing has become ubiquitous, and it made enterprises reaching its business potential easier than ever. However, like any digital asset, just because the cloud also is not without any risks. Cloud security is critical to make sure the organization doesn’t become vulnerable. Security breaches occur due to targeted attacks, human errors, application vulnerabilities, or inadequate security practices.

The cloud is different from on-premise resources and securing cloud requires a different approach. In an on-premise environment, the enterprises set up their entire infrastructure and host everything in-house, whereas in a cloud environment a third-party vendor hosts everything. This makes security a shared responsibility between the provider and the company. On top of this collaboration business moving to the cloud should be more responsible in deploying extensive defense and data security measures to ensure valuable enterprise data is not compromised.

For a business, the general infrastructure is continually being updated, and it becomes a necessity for employees to keep in line with technology changes to do their tasks without putting the organization at risk. Conducting regular security training can cover the outline of all relevant practices to eliminate the vulnerability. At any instance of a security breach, employees should be able to make adjustments accordingly.

Data breaches have almost become inevitable, and malicious actors are continually searching for new ways to outsmart security strategies. A holistic security approach that safeguards the organization in the event of cyber intrusion has become the need of the hour. Technologies that provide threat intelligence, network monitoring, detection and the like are all great to have to keep malicious actors from making their way past the perimeter. Encrypting all data—both in rest and motion—is one way to achieve security. If malicious actors make their way into an organization, the valuable enterprise data will be useless to them as the adequate precautions are put in place.

In a dynamic cloud technology world, visibility is what matters the most. No matter how secure is the architecture attackers will find loopholes to make entry points into the infrastructure. The best way is to monitor all resources in real time and enforcing the right policies.

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