Will Facilitate Thriving on its Own: Dell on VMware's Future

By CIOReview | Friday, October 23, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Michael Dell calls the strategic $67 billion acquisition of largest storage giant EMC ‘a dream combination’, one among the most comprehensive IT merger in the near history. As a result of soaring speculations on the future status of VMware, which operated as an independent company, CEO Michael Dell on a blog post reveals company’s plans and intentions for VMware.

Michael Dell claims that since he founded Dell 31 years ago, the company has been committed to a heterogeneous and open architecture prioritizing the customer choice first and foremost. He assures that once combined Dell and EMC entity will continue to offer its customers with multiple choices and partner offerings.

With this acquisition, Dell becomes the world’s largest vendor for enterprise IT hardware and services – as Michael Dell always wanted – states Chris Preimesberger, in an article for eWeek. In that case questions like, will VMware continue to function as the same or is Dell intending to make changes, carries huge relevance in terms of external and internal stipulations.

Speaking highly of VMware’s success, Dell describes “VMware as an amazing company filled with very talented people creating innovative software and solutions that are leading the way in a cloud-based, connected world.” He also highlights that VMware thrives on a vibrant ecosystem with its VMware Partner Network which includes OEM partners, Systems Integrators, Solution Providers, Resellers and of course hundreds of thousands of customers around the world.

Dell believes that VMware sustains on a successful business model which bolsters open and independent ecosystem and wants to retain it as it is.  The company intends to keep VMware as an independent public company.

“We do not plan to do anything proprietary with VMware as regards Dell or EMC, nor place any limitations on VMware’s ability to partner with any other company. Until the transaction closes, Dell and EMC will continue to operate as separate companies and compete in the marketplace,” clears Dell.

Enabling VMware to function independently as now, Dell says it will be free to continue using its cash flow to invest in its business and to proceed with its committed relationships with its VMware Partner Network.

“Lots of customers use VMware together with many other OEM products and solutions. VMware will remain committed to its partners and making it easy for customers to use its products on any hardware or platform that they desire,” he adds.

 “VMware is a crown jewel of the EMC federation,” he continues “Our intent is only to continue to help it thrive, innovate and grow, as an independent company with an independent and open ecosystem.”

With this announcement, Dell gives a sigh of relief for the investors and customers of VMware, stating that no major alterations will be made on its functioning, at least for the time being.