Winscribe QSR to Make EMR Data Entry Easier and Faster

By CIOReview | Friday, July 31, 2015

AUCKLAND, NZ: To enhance productivity at medical institutions and to optimize the business’ bottom line, Winscribe, provider of speech productivity technology, has recently delivered Winscribe Quick Speech Recognition (QSR) for medical professionals.

With the increased use of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems in hospitals, speech recognition has gained attention as a proven method for improving EMR usability. It recognizes the words which we speak and automatically types them for us. On an average, we can type thirty words a minute but we speak two hundred plus words, so with QSR, organizations can achieve faster documentation. It’s a front-end speech recognition solution that is remarkably accurate and has a low-edit rate.

“Winscribe QSR provides physicians and other medical staff the opportunity to reduce time spent on data entry, while increasing the quality of documentation and freeing physician time to focus on their patients,” says Pierre Corboz, Director of Product Strategy, Winscribe.

The product supports general and medical-specific vocabularies, and its ‘snippet’ feature makes it simple to create macros and templates. In addition, it has a centralized and intelligent management console and based on pre-existing group knowledge it can ‘learn’ and manage new words, phrases and user profiles. It is a replacement of keyboard and works on any information systems that allow typed texted entry and also with virtual EMR.

“With turnaround time being a major concern for every healthcare organization, intelligent tools like Winscribe QSR can have a huge impact on productivity and service delivery,” concludes Corboz.