With 'Recommended Templates' Sales Reps, Managers and Marketers to Woo New Leads and Close More Deals

By CIOReview | Monday, September 28, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: ToutApp, helps salespeople close more deals and increase productivity with the power of tracking, templates and analytics brings in Recommended Templates. Whenever a sales rep is set to email someone during the sales or prospecting process, ToutApp automatically analyzes the respective CRM data with that person and recommends the best possible templates to either close a deal or carry a lead to the next stage of the funnel. Using suitable algorithms to optimize and boost sales efficiency, Recommended Templates allows reps to write the perfect email with the perfect template.

The users of ToutApp can specify criteria for template recommendations in sales or prospect funnel while creating templates. Suggestions are made directly within the salesperson's workflow, the very moment an email address is entered in an email compose window using services like Gmail or Outlook, or with CRMs like Salesforce, and more. The solution increases revenue performance, shortening sales and prospecting cycles by converting every individual interaction hyper-relevant.

"Today, though, the average sales teams using our software shares 50 templates across their team and our larger customers have upwards of 1,000 total sales templates in their organization. This makes it challenging for reps to identify the best template or strategy for a specific situation when writing an email. With Recommended Templates, we've created a streamlined way to instantly and intelligently bubble up the most relevant templates that would perform best in every conversation,” explains Tawheed (TK) Kader, CEO & Founder, ToutApp.

Marketers can also useToutApp's Recommended Templates to better align with sales. The software automatically recommends the best templates to salespeople at the right stage of the sales or prospecting process where they can upload their content. Thus, it helps marketers to keep content top-of-mind for sales while making it sure the sales teams are using the content as it was designed and at the right moment.