XebiaLabs' Latest Iteration of XL Release Provides Dynamic Data Management

By CIOReview | Monday, January 25, 2016

FREMONT, CA: XebiaLabs newly launched XL Release software, which enhances the solution’s ability to release orchestration across teams, processes and tools. XL Release 4.8 provides the ability to automate, coordinate and get visibility into software release pipelines at business level.

Dynamic Data Management is one of the major feature offering upgraded Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) integration and improvements in the usability for non-technical users. It also simplifies managing complex software releases and provides ability for teams to dynamically manage the information used in the software release process.

The key capabilities of XL Release 4.8 include full control of information between people, processes and tools, easy automation of the software, enhanced abilities to control release flow in real time, user-friendly interface to help non-technical people.

Some of the features of XL Release 4.8 are dynamic data management that simplifies management of complex release and allows updating data in real-time; ALM integration with service management tools like JIRA allows end users to raise a ticket within XL Release, resolve it and then update the tickets in JIRA; enhancement in the usability gives user a better experience while using the software.

XebiaLabs newly unveiled XL TestView, test analytics software for data related release decisions that is capable of receiving analytics and decision support across testing tools. The testing tool has the ability to see all test results in a single dashboard, analyze test results across multiple test tools, track release metrics and quality trends over time and use real-time data to make the go/no-go release decisions.