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XXL Box-End to End Encrypted Secure Cloud Storage

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 5, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Delaware based company–XXL Cloud provides secure Cloud storage service for individuals and enterprises. The company introduced XXL Box which is a free online storage for all files which either need to be backed up, or safeguarded against loss. Zero Knowledge private encryption is the one of the main features of its XXL Cloud’s services.

XXL Box provides solutions for the customer’s online storage demands, whether the demands are backup of data or sharing it with individuals. XXL Box provides one hundred per cent privacy and security serving as secure cloud storage to save files. It is comfortable to share files with others as the individuals in the loop can share and also access the documents from anyplace in the world once the link is shared with the loop or respective individuals.

XXL Secure Cloud storage is secure and files are encrypted. Only the user has the privilege to access the data stored and no one else can access it. The documents can be Synchronized with  any folder according to the user and there is no limitation on the number of folders and any folder can be synchronized. XXL Box features a Zero Knowledge privacy which ensures that the server does not have any knowledge of the content stored in the server. This removes the possibility of any risks or leaks caused due to hackers or internal threats. XXL Box can be used to backup mobile phones with Android and iOS operating systems.

XXL Box is end-to-end encrypted. "XXL Box Crypto Libraries"– an additional layer of private encryption– provide password protected file collections which are encrypted on a user’s device and decrypted when the files are opened with the password used to encrypt them. The recovery of files from the library is not possible in case of Crypto libraries cannot be recovered in the case a user misplaces or disremembers the password. XXL Box Crypto Libraries are available also in Basic free edition of XXL–which if free. The XXL Box Crypto Libraries service is free of charge.