Zentera's CoIP Cited in Gartner's Enterprise Network Management Report for Hybrid Cloud

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 28, 2016

SAN JOSE, CA: Zentera Systems, a network security solutions provider for cloud environments, declared that the company’s flagship CoIP (cloud over IP) has been mentioned in the Gartner report, “How to Optimize Your Enterprise Network for Hybrid Cloud.”

CoIP solution enables overlay network to endpoint applications that makes the enterprise infrastructure appear as a unified network plane across multiple private and cloud domains connecting various computing end-points and containers.

As per the study conducted by Gartner, “Cloud overlay solutions often abstract the cloud provider and the transport network—facilitating flexibility between transport methods and carriers. Also, preserves the existing organization IP network, which is left untouched.  Whether it is bridging virtual private clouds and on-premises data center networks, these solutions are crafted to blend, and also competently extend the data center network to the cloud provider. The cloud overlay solutions also helps accelerate an initial hybrid cloud deployment, as they are skeptic with regards to the existing physical network. Furthermore aim to offer flexibility in the long term for on boarding providers.”

Gartner’s recent report on optimizing enterprise networks for hybrid clouds has been appreciated by Jaushin Lee, CEO of Zentera. Lee feels that CoIP is the need of the hour for the next-generation cloud ecosystem, which securely connects endpoints with session layer technology—a secure cross-cloud virtualization paradigm.

As enterprises embrace production datacenter operations will work across public and private network domains, Zentera’s CoIP provides enterprise-grade security which spans across the cloud datacenter administrations. The platform presents an overlay network to endpoint applications, and can be provisioned in hours or days without requiring any changes to the existing IP network infrastructure.