Zoomi's E-Learning Platform: Driving Real-Time Adaptive Content

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 8, 2016

MALVERN, PA: Zoomi, an e-learning platform, introduced its first-to-market e-learning platform at the Future of Learning and Working, a conference to prepare for disruption in learning, talent acquisition, and leadership development, held recently at Los Angeles.

Led by its cosmopolitan team of entrepreneurs and scientists, Zoomi's technology blends machine learning, predictive analytics, adaptive learning, and social network optimization in order to drive measureable ROI on corporate educational investments. Zoomi’s e-learning platform assists corporations to increase and improve its learning comprehension and outcomes by driving real-time adaptive content.

Dr. Mung Chiang, a waterman Award recipient, has developed Zoomi’s proprietary technology. In its trail phase, the technology has already helped organizations improve learning outcomes, enhance revenue, mitigate risk, and reduce costs. Organizations have experienced a 9 percent diminution in failure rates, a 14 percent reduction in the time consumed to complete a course, and extensive improvements in reported satisfaction.

Jim Walker, Executive Chairman, Zoomi pointed that each year there is no clear way to measure the billions of dollars spent by the corporate world on corporate learning investments. “We developed Zoomi to ensure a company's learning investment is measurable and to provide the data necessary to improve content moving forward—neither of which has been available until today," remarks Walker.

Zoomi platform accommodates a company’s existing educational data to an individual learner by analyzing their behavioral, social patterns and performance through wrapping of a data capture and algorithm layer across instructional data. Zoomi provides insights that can be used to improve future outcomes of organization’s corporate learning and is able to deliver a measureable ROI for enterprises.

Zoomi can be used to conform and improve any instructional content for the content agnostic. Zoomi is accessible via mobile OS such as iOS and Android. It is also available as a responsive web application.