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CIOReview's Weekly Brief

Thursday, September 16,2021
Feature of the Week
Incentivizing serious work through gamification can result in much-improved outcomes. These days, companies understand the value of keeping employees involved and interested.
By using SAS software for accounting companies can ensure transparency and accuracy that will help them deliver data on time and avoid errors.
As intelligent transportation systems for smart cities start developing, people can utilize the several safety, efficiency, and cost benefits of modern public transport.
Salesforce CRM is a collection of tools and technology that allows businesses to communicate and remain in touch with current and potential consumers.
Solutions Providers
Helping companies look into the future and take proactive actions while never losing sight of the immediate requirements of their customers.
Centiq is a specialist in designing, building, and managing SAP platforms with over 20 years of experience in the field.
When the company was founded in 2008, it offered bare-metal dedicated servers and colocation services, then eventually grew its capabilities to provide enterprise internet services, virtual private servers, public and private cloud services.
Founded in 2010, Azure Computers leverages its expertise in the intricacies of the financial industry, optimal security implementation, and UI/UX design to forge best-in-class mobile banking applications for its clients.
CIO Viewpoint
Krista Dixon, CIO, Textron Specialized Vehicles
The importance of data-driven decisions lies in its ability to enable organizations to create new business opportunities, drive more revenue, foresee future trends, create actionable insights, and optimize the present operational efforts.
Mark Holt, EVP, CIO, Incomm, and Technology Disruptor
Our ideas will live and die by their effectiveness and applicability to the customer experience. We’ll move quickly, and we won’t be afraid to fail gracefully; quality will be tested and functionality determined before any solution runs out of the gates.
Bobby Blount, CIO, Cherokee County School District
Augmented and virtual reality technologies are allowing students to explore places throughout the globe and beyond without leaving their desks.
CXO Insights
By Kevin Tweddle, COO, ICBA Services Network
While there's no doubt fintechs see strong business potential with community institutions beyond the promise of revenue, they consistently point to one foundational concept: the relationship between the customer and the community banker.
Operating in e-commerce means we need to overcome physical barriers between the item and the customer who wants it.
Sanjay Gupta, CTO, U.S. Small Business Administration
Cloud computing provides a consumption-based, variable cost, operating expense type cost structure in comparison to the fixed cost, capital expense type cost structure.