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CIOReview's Weekly Brief

April 15 2021
Feature of the Week
Email spam is annoying enough, and it can put firms' digital safety at risk, but having proper strategies can protect firms from dangers.
To combat malicious and annoying phone call spam, there are many methods for businesses to use.
eCommerce scam is an unfortunate part of running an eCommerce business, and the best thing that brands can do is to stay vigilant, keep on top of the trends.
Many online casinos are finding new subscribers, marking a paradigm shift in how online casino spam affects the gambling industry.
Solutions Providers
A Germany-based company, ngena-the Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance helps organizations overcome the challenges of SD-WAN deployment and management with its connectivity platform as a service.
Delivering robust quality assurance and regulatory affairs solutions is Illinois-based QARS Solutions, a professional consulting services firm that serves as the change agents to help clients benefit from the value of quality.
CCC is the industry leader connecting data across key segments of the multi-trillion dollar driving economy.
Emmersion is a rapidly growing EdTech company that facilitates remote employment screening and placement through its automated adaptive language assessment.
CIO Viewpoint
Tim Brown, CIO, Johnson Financial Group
Emerging technology is changing the way we live, fundamentally, at a pace so rapid it can feel overwhelming at times.
Michael Mestrovich, PDCIO, U.S. Department of State
When people think of nimble and agile technology companies their minds gravitate to Silicon Valley, Seattle, Washington, and maybe even Austin, Texas.
John T Marcante, CIO and Managing Director at Vanguard
One of the first critical steps in any digital transformation is to identify why you're transforming- what will you be able to achieve as a result of the transformation?
CXO Insights
By Brian C. Stieritz, PE, EVP Southeast, Skanska USA Civil
Bridges today are designed for a projected service life that takes into account the local conditions and intensity of use.
By Samantha-Anne Horwitch, General Counsel/Chief Compliance and Human Resources Officer, Citelum
Evaluating compliance technology is a cyclical and living process-one that must be continually monitored needs continual updating as better tools are developed.
By Andreas Beller, SVP, StoneX
Through the distributed ledger technology, each participant is basically given the opportunity to gain insight into the transaction history.