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May 23, 2019
Feature of the Week
The emerging tech-driven promotional and business expansion solutions connect commercial market requirements with the impact of digital evolutions.
Blockchain offers a great opportunity to monitor supplies while preserving privacy.
Threats are evolving at a constant rate and hackers are finding new ways of violating systems. To curb the risks, companies should consider a primary issue by companies.
The AR and VR environment is allowing interactions with holographic items, which were once thought, not to be possible in the real world.
Featured Vendors
Specializes in mobile-first no-code data collection and cloud technology for crisis management.
Clickbooth offers a performance marketing platform that connects advertisers with affiliates who drive significant, high-quality customer traffic.
Provides scalable, user friendly and intelligent security solutions for telecom providers to enable them to comply with the legal mandates.
Active analytics catalog provides re-enabling organizations to create, catalog,reuse, and govern analytics across the enterprise.
CIO Viewpoint
Bruce Schinelli, CIO & VP of Information Technology, TTX
The technology challenge has been, and will continue to be, the ability to provide solutions to workers of all types that "just work".
Kim Heldman, CIO, Regional Transportation District
Give your staff members permission to make the decisions within their realm of experience and knowledge.
Kirk Serjeantson, CIO, Dicom Transportation Group
The flexibility realized by the smart4 mobility program has been exceptional and the team is excited about the future possibilities as smartphone technology evolves.
CXO Insights
By Keith Engelbert, CTO, Student Transportation of America
Scaling and consuming additional data is on-demand, this is a huge benefit for IT staff to react in real-time to the increasing demands of the organization and stakeholders who require additional resources on short notice‚Äč.
By Greg Firestone, VP of Data Science., Allstate
Leadership support and buy-in is what makes execution happen, and will allow those companies who are doing it well to pull ahead of their competitors.
By Chris McGugan, SVP, Solutions & Technology, Avaya
Digital leaders understand the magnitude of this task and have created a defined strategy for delivering sustainable value enterprise-wide.
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