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CIOReview's Weekly Brief

October 22, 2020
Feature of the Week
A mid new regulations, changing patient expectations, and new technologies, the role of information technology in healthcare is rapidly evolving.
The ever-changing demands of modern-day customers not only influence the utility market competition but also increase business challenges.
The retail industry is aware of its changing landscape with the influence of technology. Along with the retail business models, the customers are also evolving, and this makes the industry look for innovative ways in order to cater to informed and updated customers.
Until a few years ago, customer relationship management (CRM) software was not as heavily used today. Companies are now actively leveraging technology to expand their business interests.
Featured Vendors
Columbia based Cut Throat Marketing offers an all-encompassing, no-nonsense approach to digital marketing.
Edgewhere creates technological solutions for businesses that enable them to secure the use and integrity of customers' individual data and improve consumers’ confidence through blockchain.
Accelario helps organizations to copy, synchronize and manage their databases in Oracle's Autonomous Database Warehouse (ADW) and ATP with its flagship product, Accelario Data Suite.
Xapp AI is a Northern Virginia-based company that offers machine teaching technology, enabling businesses to create custom virtual assistants that feel natural and delight customers.
CIO Viewpoint
Lisa Roger, CIO, Dewberry
Change management is a systematic approach, whether it is cultural, operational, or organizational change. It is a formula that must be followed to achieve a successful, consistent outcome.
Rahoul Ghose, CIO, ECMC Group
For CIOs, it means that building coalitions with their organizational peers and approaching transformation as a business initiative rather than a technology project will be a key to success - now and into the future.
Kumar Chatani, EVP, CIO & Dean for Information Technology, Mount Sinai Health System
Kumar Chatani brings 30 years of experience in information technology and business management to his role as Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer of the Mount Sinai Health System, and Dean for Information Technology.
CXO Insights
By Adam Such II, President and Chief Operating Officer, Communication Security Group Inc.
Organizations across the US are at increasing risk from cyberattacks due to VPN vulnerabilities, according to The National Security Agency.
By Scott A. Roberts, VP, Logistics, CHEP U.S.A
Recent advancements in IT create transformative opportunities for companies both in the supply chain and in all the industries we serve.
By Felipe E. Medina, VP of Information Security Architecture and Operations, BankUnited [NYSE: BKU]
Felipe Medina is responsible for establishing and maintaining a corporate-wide information security technology program to ensure that information assets are adequately protected both on premises and within multiple cloud environments/technologies.