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October 16, 2018
Feature of the Week
The blockchain is slowly becoming the new building blocks of business even at its nascent stage.
The AI platform proffers the ease of use and proves valuable in expediting the overall process, from planning and designing an experiment to conducting the experiment and analyzing the results, enhancing the efficacy of the biotech workflow.
When disaster recovery (DR) first emerged on the scene, there was only one way to use it—build it on your own. At a time when the corporate data center was the only place to store data, keeping it up and running was worth the money and effort.
Powerful technologies are fusing in the contact center with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and voice recognition being the focal point in several research, investment, and news services.
Featured Vendors
Provides collaborative Critical Path Management solutions that deliver predictability through connectivity, accountability, and transparency.
Five9 is a leading provider of cloud contact center software, bringing the power of the cloud to thousands of customers.
Leverages senior-level expertise and years of experience to deliver innovative solutions powered by the Salesforce platform.
Specializes in enterprise-wide quality management solutions enabling clients with proactive decision making.
CIO Viewpoint
Tom Andriola, CIO, University of California System
Collaboration would be much more effective for us in higher ed if we challenged the fundamental paradigm about needing to be unique.
Dr. Jacob Abboud, CIO, Allianz Insurance
It is important to remember that IoT devices not only communicate with the network they are connected to but to each other as well, creating one big interconnected device mesh.
Sal Cucchiara, CIO and Head of Wealth Management Technology, Morgan Stanley
While a common myth conflates machine learning with AI itself, machine learning is merely the tool that renders systems artificially intelligent.
CXO Insights
By Vickie Lonker, Vice President of Network and Security Management, Verizon
SDN is about to transform the way networks are managed, bringing much-needed flexibility and scalability to enterprises to dial services up and down as needed.
By Eduardo Cocozza, Vice President, LogMeIn
The application of artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning and deep learning shows immense potential to make enterprise collaboration simpler, faster, and more efficient than ever before.
By Ryan Snellings, Vice President Operations, Fresenius Kabi
AR is still in beginning stages but it gives you a stepping stone that builds confidence to make these new technologies work​.
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