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January 24, 2018
Feature of the Week
We are on the verge of seeing intelligent applications multiply in number in addition to the already existing voice-based AI assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
A recent study by MIT's AI lab, argues that a judicious combination of human experts and AI based systems might be the ideal solution to detect and eliminate threats.
Voice recognition technology coupled with artificial intelligence (AI) is set to revolutionize e-commerce, potentially eliminating touch and keystrokes as input for search engines, especially on mobile and tablet devices.
Featured Vendors
Atomiton is a next generation IoT solutions company with solutions tailored for the industrial production environments.
Designs, builds, and operates customer engagement programs that use data-driven, personalized incentives to increase valuable customer behaviors.
Provides a patented situational awareness software application and sensor fusion platform that enables edge based information sharing and tactical decision support.
Provides customized cyber simulators and cyber range environments for cyber training individuals in defense organizations, bank, industries, governments, and universities.
CIO Viewpoint
David Shive, CIO, GSA
The solution provider should be at the leading edge of cloud technology, enabling swift transformation to clients through their expertise.
Sam Segran, CIO, Texas Tech University
As IT professionals, we should strive to leave the cyber world better than we found "IT"!.
Edward Rodden, CIO, Sugar Creek
In today's world, data collection, budgeting, cost calculations including burden rates, ledger postings and so on, is typically highly automated utilizing sophisticated software and hardware devices.
CXO Insights
By Mark Gildersleeve, VP and Head of Watson IoT and Decisions Platform, IBM
With greater deployment of sensors and actuators, the integration of collected data sets, and continued advance in analytics and machine learning, IoT will deliver even greater value.
By Denise Dettingmeijer, CFO, Randstad North America [AMS:RAND]
Robotics systems are being programmed to help reduce the routine, day-to-day tasks in order to free up people for more analytical work.
By Todd Saunders, VP of IT, Turning Stone Resort Casino
Growth comes from innovation-and in the service industry, innovation is best driven by the people you know best-your customers.
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