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CIOReview's Weekly Brief

Thursday, August 4,2022
Feature of the Week
Intelligent Data Capture is a cutting-edge technology that can revolutionize information management
The Covid-19 outbreak shocked workplaces and altered the fundamentals of how businesses operate across all industries
The introduction of 5G will broaden the scope of medical services, giving patients more alternatives for treatment modalities and how they are delivered
Solutions Providers
Small/Medium-sized Enterprise software purchasing has become more complex than ever.
CA Engineering (CAE) is an industry-leading wireless technology firm with expertise in developing and integrating specialized
Cambay Consulting was set up with the aim of helping customers transform their business through technology
CIO Viewpoint
Ira Shapiro, CIO, Quantum Group
My advice to other executives is with the pace of technology change accelerating
Andrew Ho, CIO, Global Strategy Group
This story may be somewhat apocryphal, but I feel that I first heard of Microsoft Dynamics well over a decade ago at a tech conference
Lowell Simpson, Global CIO, MediaCom
WPP is the largest communications services group in the world, employing 200,000 people in 3,000 offices in more than 100 countries
CXO Insights
Dimitris Thanasopoulos, Director of Technology, Kaizen Gaming
Machine Learning (ML) has become a term of excitement and anticipation of what the future will look like and how our world might change with technologies like Artificial Intelligence
Faisal Hajazi, Global Head of CloudArchitecture & Strategy, British American Tobacco [NYSE:BTI]
Data and Data Strategy has always been the most important asset within the organization
Carlo Torniai, Head of Data, Insights and Artificial Intelligence, Esselunga
One of the most used terms in recent years (after we barely survived during the 2010s the flood of buzzwords such big-data, digital transformation, and the likes) is the term data-driven