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CIOReview's Weekly Brief

January 16, 2020
Feature of the Week
These days scams have become very common. The newspapers' headlines are always filled with scams every other day. What are the most dangerous ones?
Several anti-spam service providers collect statistics, implement heuristics and other problem-solving approaches, track IP addresses and e-mail signatures, and make rules for sorting and filtering.
In an extremely standardized industry, companies that are primarily focused on power generation and utilities have predominantly operated as regional monopolies.
A brand can get a better chance to grow and become the household name with the help of a developed marketing and advertising strategy, but it is not an easy task to accomplish.
Featured Vendors
Conga is a one-stop shop for digital document transformation, offering end-to-end capabilities for document generation and contract lifecycle management.
Provides comprehensive consulting services and cloud based software solutions for strategic planning, project management office (PMO) setup, balance scorecard and program portfolio management.
KnowledgeLake provides its customers with a PaaS cloud platform as a part of their managed services.
In this data-centric age, the troves of potentially useful data often appear as a deficiency rather than strength, as driving valuable insight from it is challenging.
CIO Viewpoint
Jessie Burgess, CIO & Head of Digital Commerce at G6 Hospitality, parent company to Motel 6 and Studio 6
IoT devices can produce a lot of data, so, to maximize effectiveness, your company must be an advanced consumer of that data.
Dave Henderson, CIO, Millennium Health
Patients, providers and payers now expect the same intuitive and interactive experience that they have with an airline or rideshare app.
Steve Zoltick, EVP & CIO, Hasbro
We are leveraging the unique expertise we have within IT to bring value to the business in a new way, building in-house skills and reusable assets.
CXO Insights
By Jill Fraser, CISO, Jefferson County
Collaboration requires effort and an ongoing commitment to work with others and become more knowledgeable. It is not something that happens for you or to you.
By Scott Briden, VP, Citizens Bank
The advances in data visualization technology have enabled us to free up the time of our subject matter experts.
By Gena Lovett, Boeing VP of Manufacturing, Safety and Quality, Defense, Space & Security, Boeing
Digital manufacturing requires us to get back to basics in terms of capturing the predictive analysis that leans out our processes and promotes standardization.
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