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Robots are not just machines, they are stars. Sonny of I Robot, Atom of Reel Steel, RoboCop, Optimus Prime, Iron Hide and Bumblebee from Transformers  all are our favorite Superheroes. The world aspires to have friends like these fictional characters and the time is not really far when this becomes true.

Robotic automation industry is at the cusp of revolutionizing several industries, especially with the advent of internet connectivity. Modern industrial robots that are being created to assist man in labor are nothing short of engineering marvels. Operations like material handling, metal machining, plastic moulding, assembly operations including fixing and press-fitting, inserting, disassembling machineries have all experiencing radical makeover under the adept hands of robotic automation solutions.

It makes possible a win-win situation where both the consumer and the provider benefits: the provider enjoys an efficiency gain through the reduced dependence on administrative staff and the consumer benefits from greater flexibility of service.

Use of robots frees valuable human labor which can be utilized for other areas and boost the overall productivity.  Other advantages being cost-effectiveness, safety, and efficient solution for multiple industries where manufacturing needs to produce a high volume of high-quality products. Technology is getting more sophisticated and the machine man is getting more and more human with capability to perform advanced skills.

The robotics industry is thriving with cutting edge solutions and services. It is becoming widely deployed and trusted technology. This makes it extremely challenging for CIO to navigate complex and fragmented Robotics Automation landscape when looking for services providers to help with consulting, implementation, and support.

To simplify & and help CIOs navigate the Robotics Automation solutions landscape, CIOReview is coming up with annual special edition on most promising Robotics Automation Solution Providers.

A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts including CIO Review editorial board will decide the “20 Most Promising Robotics Automation Solution Providers 2015” in the U.S., listing the best vendors and consultants who provide key technology solutions and services related to Robotics Automation products.

In the process of selecting the 20 Most Promising Robotics Automation Solution Providers 2015 we will analyze the company’s offerings, core competency, news/press releases, client testimonials, milestones and other recognitions.

We invite you to nominate companies, which you think are at the forefront of tackling technological challenges in terms of solutions and services around the Robotics Automation platform. 

If you have any queries in regards to nomination then feel free to reach out to Charles Mathew at or call at 5105657614. You can also fill the below form, we will review your company and reach out to you.

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