Starfish Computer Corporation: What do you mean you don’t have a plan?

Coming from an engineering background, RJ Arhar, President, Starfish Computer Corporation, knows the importance of structuring a framework or process for attaining any goal. “Irrespective of whether it's building something at home or training for a race, for me, it is all about the process,” Arhar continues, “and hence I set up a goal, create a process to attain the goal, orient towards the goal, and finally get back and review the process to check whether I achieved my target.” It is the same tenacity and meticulous planning that drives his company, Starfish Computer Corporation—a complete technology solution provider that is committed to making sure that business owners have the most reliable and professional IT service.

Arhar feels that the most prevalent IT challenge that is hogging the lime light, in the present day scenario, is the “Cloud Confusion.” “Whenever we interact with our prospects or clients, they are really not sure what the cloud is going to do for them. And it takes our experience with Microsoft and their cloud offerings to show the benefits of migrating to the cloud through a full-blown Desktop and Server Virtualization Model,” affirms Arhar. “From offering custom service packages that cater to the clients’ needs without overstepping the boundaries of their budget, to providing fully scalable cloud services and data backup, we leverage Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure, providing expert support along with way. We sit with the clients, take stock of the resources and evaluate their business goals. Monetizing everything, we then compare and contrast it with a cloud environment. This enables us to show how the clients can shift the burden of their infrastructure, put it into a Microsoft cloud which is safe and secure, and experience real ROI, over a period of 3-5 years,” he explains.

Having a plan is crucial to everything Starfish designs and implements, especially cloud solutions.
“I can’t tell you the number of times I speak with business owners whose current IT providers offer no IT vision for their client. “ continues Arhar. “It is a specialized puzzle. You can throw money and resources at it and have only a minimal impact in the wrong hands. I clean up a lot of messes and the Starfish Plan garners so much praise from new clients. It’s satisfying,” reveals Arhar.

For an elaborate understanding, consider the case involving a large marketing firm with three terabytes of marketing files. The client not only wanted to share the files internally with the team, but also with their customers. “Leveraging Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, we created sites where the customers could access the marketing material online, mark them up, and send it back and forth seamlessly. This eliminated the need to buy new servers or create new infrastructure, which in turn led to low investment cost and also helped the client to deliver a high quality product to their end users,” claims Arhar.

What do you mean you don’t have a plan?

Starfish’s Backup and Disaster Recovery solution, which allows customers to recover from any problem, needs a special mention. “Whether the customer loses a server, the whole facility or any part of their infrastructure, we are able to visualize it and get the infrastructure up and running in minutes. Going forward, the company aims to grow and spread its operational purview. “We hope to grow by 20 percent, put in place new staff and new processes for reporting, and at the same time, increase the quality and level of our customer service in the next five years,” concludes Arhar.

Starfish Computer Corporation

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