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Michael Rokos, Head of Strategy
As companies continue to navigate the ongoing disruptions stemming from the pandemic, the ability to make quick decisions in changing circumstances is increasingly imperative. It is no surprise then, that companies are turning to their data to give them the intelligence to get better, faster insights.

Armed with Business Intelligence tools that provide statistical analysis capabilities, businesses are searching for new ways to get more from their data, specifically with the help of AI. With AI and machine learning being innovative, even disruptive technologies, businesses are hesitant to direct investment and time to developing internal solutions.

In some situations, they have already done so, and it hasn’t gone as planned. They are no longer willing to pay the multimillion-dollar price tag required to develop their own solutions with Machine Learning. Instead, they are looking for technologies that can help accelerate their growth supported by business intelligence.

Stradigi AI addresses these issues head-on with Kepler, ready-to-use AI software that automates the complete machine learning workflow from data ingest to production-ready insights. Kepler allows companies to implement machine learning in their existing data workflows. There is no need for data science experience and businesses can benefit from machine learning at a fraction of the cost of traditional development cycles.

The company specializes in helping businesses implement AI into their operations quickly and affordably, adding cost certainty with ready-to-use software. Its cutting-edge Kepler platform combines Machine Learning capabilities, AI process engineering, and software integration.

It is all geared towards enabling their customers to add AI into decision-making workflows. This allows organizations to work with their data in new ways, taking the guesswork out of AI-powered decision-making capabilities for business users, thereby accelerating the 'time to value' of data-driven intelligence. They get accurate, timely insights that uncover data's hidden potential.

We have embedded a tremendous amount of intelligence into Kepler to help businesses activate the power of AI and Machine Learning and extract valuefrom their data, right away

"We recognize that AI is an emerging technology, so we have that built into our on boarding model. We help our customers dip their toes into AI with a “crawl-walkrun” approach.The first thing is to start small with a clear and narrow problem that they want to understand, like, what factors would influence potential cost overruns or even supply shortages. The customer learns how to work with their data. They understand how to apply AI and machine learning and are then ready to tackle the bigger questions they want to understand about their business," explains Michael Rokos, Head of Strategy.

Kepler uses machine learning to help clients answer business questions by learning patterns within their data and applying this knowledge to classify, segment, spot anomalies or make predictions about what will happen next. More importantly, it will help clients understand what factors affect those outcomes, enabling clients to take appropriate action. “It’s kind of like having a business-savvy data scientist at your fingertips, without having to bear the cost or cycle times of doing it all in-house," states Carolina Bessega, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at Stradigi AI.

"We actually included a lot of intelligence in Kepler to offer what is really important for a business, allowing its users to optimize their business continually. Kepler provides them insights on outcomes, as well as the factors that affect those outcomes," states Carolina Bessega.

Stradigi AI

Montréal, Canada

Michael Rokos, Head of Strategy and Curtis Gavura, COO & Co-founder

Stradigi AI is an AI-first company, whose mission is help teams extract hidden insights and value from their data, with innovative, no-code AI and machine learning tools, regardless of their data and AI maturity. The flagship product Kepler is ready-to-use AI software, that takes the guesswork out of what will happen next, so data practitioners can make more intelligent business decisions.

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