Greenlight Group: Unleashing a New Breed ITSM
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Joseph Madden, Founder & CEO

Greenlight Group is a software consulting and systems integration services firm specializing in Enterprise Monitoring Software, IT Services and Automation

Arnowitz Culture Agency: Culture of Performance in the Digital Age
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David Arnowitz, Co-Founder and Chief Technology & Strategy Officer and Burt Arnowitz, CEO

An employee engagement solution provider that offers end-to-end employee development solutions that create, leverage, and sustain individual, team and corporate performance. One of the top employee engagement solution providers, Arnowitz Culture...

By Light Professional IT Services: The Trusted Choice for Federal IT
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Bob Donahue, CEO

By Light Professional IT Services provides a full range of hardware and software engineering services to defense, civilian, and commercial customers worldwide. Founded in 2002, By Light is a cut above other solution providers as it’s founded by...

NARTech: The DevSecOps Champions
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Ms. Urusa Salman, CEO

An expert with Agile DevSecOps capabilities and a unique CMMI Level 5 qualification

Symphony Solutions: Streamlining Software Development and Deployment
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John Treadway, CEO

Offers a portfolio of services designed to increase business productivity and efficiency

QPAIR: QPAIR and Life Sciences - A Perfect Match
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Priya Komanduri, Co-Founder

QPAIR promotes DevOps as a culture within its client engagement strategy and delivers the key value proposition of operational quality and stability through its cloud operations

Calculi: A Better Way To Create And Deliver Software
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Eric Billingsley, CTO & Co-Founder

Calculi provides a complete enterprise DevOps platform that offers a fully-integrated and fully-automated software factory with all the capabilities to leverage the cloud to achieve the highest levels of DevOps performance

First Line Software: Developing the Agile Wheel
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Pavel Khodalev, Senior Vice President

First Line Software is a premier provider of software engineering, software enablement, and digital transformation advisory services to clients across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Headquartered in the US, First Line’s global staff...

Trisotech: Enabling the Future of Digital Transformation
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Denis Gagné, Partner, CEO & CTO

Offers innovative and easy-to-use software tools that allow customers to discover, model, analyze and find insights into their digital enterprise

Agile Innovations Group: Get Things Right from the Beginning
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Jeff Tindall, Managing Director

An enterprise software innovation company, which partners with organizations and creates innovative software products that increase company profitability, value, and positively disrupt industries

Infer: Delivering Value-bound Enhancements for SAP Ecosystems
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Thiru R Bujala, Founder & Vice President

A dependable partner that delivers proven, industry-specific solutions based on SAP, the world’s leading ERP innovation

EA Principals: Next-Gen Training for Enterprise Architects
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Dr. Steve Else, Founder & CEO

Provides advanced enterprise architecture training, consultancy, and mentorship across the globe

Trisotech- The Digital Enterprise Suite: Embarking into the Digital Age
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Denis Gagné, CEO & CTO

Provides cloud-based technologies enabling non-technical business people,architects and analysts to collaboratively participate in both enterprise and business architecture discovery, modeling and process improvement

DockYard: Accelerating Digital Disruption
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Brian Cardarella, CEO

Offers digital product development, custom software, web apps, and website design DockYard

Medullan: Lean, Digital Healthcare Expertise
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Ahmed Albaiti, Founder & CEO

A digital healthcare company that empowers consumers to navigate their healthcare journey with the aid of third-party vendors and latest technologies

Onshore Outsourcing: Software Quality in a DevOps World
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Shane Mayes, CEO

Delivers secure, reliable, flexible and scalable IT services as tailorfit solutions to your needs

Symbio: Connecting, Engaging, and Amazing Customers with Transformative Digital Services
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Jeff Wu, Global CEO

Symbio, a global digital services company helps firms build innovative software products and transformative digital services that connect, engage, and amaze their customers

Neotys: Accelerating Load and Performance Testing
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Thibaud Bussiere, Co-Founder & President

Provides a superior load and performance testing platform designed to accelerate agile and DevOps processes

EnterWorks: Powering Differentiated Consumer Experiences
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Rick Chavie, CEO

Provides master data and product information management solutions to brands

INFORM: AI for Digital Decision Making
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Adrian Weiler, CEO

Focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Agile Optimization to elevate management of business operations, with dedicated algorithms for a wide range of industries