Infer: Delivering Value-bound Enhancements for SAP Ecosystems
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Thiru R Bujala, Founder & Vice President

A dependable partner that delivers proven, industry-specific solutions based on SAP, the world’s leading ERP innovation

Möbius Partners: Streamlining IT with Businesses
CIO Review >> vendor

Javier Uribe, President & Co-Founder and Junab Ali, President & Co-Founder

A relationship-driven IT solutions provider enabling organizations to maximize the value of their data center investment

Sunbird Software: Second-Generation DCIM Solutions
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Ching-I Hsu, Chairman

Provides second-generation DCIM solutions to overcome the shortcomings of legacy data center management tools

Sinequa: Unprecedented Data Analytics
CIO Review >> vendor

Alexandre Bilger, President & CEO

Cognitive search and insight engine helps to power up the knowledge work required to compete in today’s fast-moving marketplace

Avydium: Reinvigorating Enterprise Information Management
CIO Review >> vendor

Rom Linhares, Chief Solution Architect & Managing Partner

Develops infrastructure that responds to changes in an affordable, scalable, maintainable and in limited operational cost

Mainline Information Systems: All-round IT expertise! 3 Decades and Counting...
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Jim Dixon, Mainline VP of Software & Servers

The company is a national, leading information technology solutions and IT consulting firm that also leverages a strategic partnership with IBM for delivering best of breed solutions

ZOOM International: A More Impactful Approach to Customer Retention
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Brian Shore, CEO

We guide contact centers to achieve increase efficiency, customer experience, & compliance while decreasing customer attrition by capturing & reacting to the emotion of the customer

Qlik: Toward a Data Literate Future
CIO Review >> vendor

Mike Capone, CEO

A leading data analytics platform and the pioneer of user-driven business intelligence

Azdan Business Analytics: Unleashing the Power of NetSuite
CIO Review >> vendor

Tariq Shahabedden, CEO

A leading NetSuite solution provider with an expert team that delivers complete NetSuite cloud computing solutions, from licenses to implementation and support

Xplenty: Centralizing Data for Data-driven Insights
CIO Review >> vendor

Donal Tobin, GM

Cloud-based ETL platform

RESSON: Predictive Analytics for Growers
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Jeff Grammer, CEO

RESSON is a bioinformatics and predictive analytics company that uses large scale data analytics, to help growers boost productivity and profits with near real-time predictive analysis for crop management

Creative Realities [NASDAQ:CREX]: Pioneering Digital Signage 2.0
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Rick Mills, CEO

Specializes in digital signage and designs, develops, and deploys marketing technology experiences

CopperTree Analytics: Data Analytics Driven Energy Management
CIO Review >> vendor

Keith La Rose, Director of Sales & Marketing

Provides a cloud-based analytics software to monitor building performance and energy consumption, while providing actionable insights

Alvanon, Inc.: Tackling the Intricacies in Apparel Sizing
CIO Review >> vendor

Janice Wang, CEO

Offers apparel product fit solutions, empowering brands to make clothes fit better, create sustainable processes and train the workforce more efficiently

Jigsaw Interactive: Augmenting Virtual Learning with Engagement Analytics
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Ginger Ackerman, VP of Sales and Marketing

A leading edge, multi-dimensional, virtual personalized learning platform, featuring interactive multimedia sharing, participant engagement tools and reporting mechanism to effectively assess each training, session or class

Gray Associates: Optimizing College Program Portfolios
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Bob Atkins, Founder & CEO and Mary Upchurch, Senior Partner

Provides the best available data, systems, and processes to help colleges and universities optimize their program portfolios

BrightBytes: Delivering Better Outcomes in Education
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Traci Burgess, CEO

Integrates purposeful data across ed tech systems, analyzes results against research-based frameworks, and delivers actionable information that drives learning

Profitect: Bridging the Gap with Prescriptive Analytics and “Smart Tasks”
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Guy Yehiav, CEO

A SaaS software company that offers an award-winning prescriptive analytics solution including “smart tasks” to its customers across all verticals in retail and CPG

Brillio: Modeling Digital-First Businesses
CIO Review >> vendor

Raj Mamodia, CEO

Help businesses define digital transformation objectives and turn them into actionable market strategies

Project44: The Logistics Technology Specialist
CIO Review >> vendor

Jett McCandless, CEO

Offers a novel, leading-edge cloud-based visibility platform to digitize the entire shipment lifecycle