Juniper Unmanned: Setting the Standard for Drone Operations
CIO Review >> vendor

Jeff Cozart, CEO

The company integrates drones with the most advanced sensors and provides drone solutions for commercial, federal, state, and military organizations to gain unparalleled data and actionable intelligence

Sunbird Software: Second-Generation DCIM Solutions
CIO Review >> vendor

Ching-I Hsu, Chairman

Provides second-generation DCIM solutions to overcome the shortcomings of legacy data center management tools

Azdan Business Analytics: Unleashing the Power of NetSuite
CIO Review >> vendor

Tariq Shahabedden, CEO

A leading NetSuite solution provider with an expert team that delivers complete NetSuite cloud computing solutions, from licenses to implementation and support

The Electronic On-Ramp (EOR): On the Frontlines of Cyber Defense, Naval Intelligence and Personnel Hiring
CIO Review >> vendor

Robert Beringer, CEO & Founder

Provides failsafe security, intelligence and cutting-edge technology services, products and solutions to various defense entities

CopperTree Analytics: Data Analytics Driven Energy Management
CIO Review >> vendor

Keith La Rose, Director of Sales & Marketing

Provides a cloud-based analytics software to monitor building performance and energy consumption, while providing actionable insights

Advantech: Enabling the Future of IoT
CIO Review >> vendor

Chingpo Lin, Associate Vice President

Offers cloud-enabled IIoT and automation solutions for saving energy costs and address environmental issues

Taylor Healthcare: Powering a Patient-Centric Care Continuum
CIO Review >> vendor

Mark O’Leary, President

Providing market-specific insights and a compelling portfolio of patientengagement solutions in the healthcare domain

Qentinel: Quality-Driven Software Development through Robotic Test Automation
CIO Review >> vendor

Dr. Miika Kuoppamäki, Managing Director

Qentinel provides robotic testing solutions that accelerate software creation and provide insights which help clients deliver products fast and flawlessly

BigTime Software: Delivering Seamless Professional Services Automation
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Brian Saunders, CEO

BigTime Software delivers an integrated time-tracking, billing and project management software for thousands of professional firms, tracking over $2 billion (USD) of billable time each year

Onshore Outsourcing: Software Quality in a DevOps World
CIO Review >> vendor

Shane Mayes, CEO

Delivers secure, reliable, flexible and scalable IT services as tailorfit solutions to your needs

Symbio: Connecting, Engaging, and Amazing Customers with Transformative Digital Services
CIO Review >> vendor

Jeff Wu, Global CEO

Symbio, a global digital services company helps firms build innovative software products and transformative digital services that connect, engage, and amaze their customers

Rubicon Red: Reinventing Business with Oracle Cloud
CIO Review >> vendor

John Deeb, CEO

Rubicon Red offers dedicated professional and managed services for Oracle Cloud Platform, including application development, integration, process automation, security, and IaaS

ConnectWise: Accelerating Operational Efficiency with Automation
CIO Review >> vendor

Arnie Bellini, CEO

An Ecosystem-centric company dedicated to helping technology teams thrive. ConnectWise connects the tech teams to solutions and services that drive exceptional user experiences. The firm enables efficiency with a single-pane-of-glass approach to...

Cloud Coach: Redefining User Experience in Professional Services Delivery
CIO Review >> vendor

Peter Lee, CEO

Businesses that are looking to make strategic investments to their success Cloud Coach created enterprise-class project management and productivity software. The company is into enterprise class project management, PSA, PPM, and productivity...

Integrated Media Group: Enabling Growth with Salesforce and Digital Marketing
CIO Review >> vendor

Gil Lantini, Co-Founder

Helps companies build brand awareness, grow their client base, and integrate technology to increase operational efficiency

KnowledgeLake: Enhancing ECM Capabilities with Machine Learning
CIO Review >> vendor

Ron Cameron, CEO

The firm provides a full spectrum of transactional content management offerings, both cloud-based and on-premises imaging and content management solutions

Business Automation Experts: Strategic Use of Technology to Improve Operational Efficiency
CIO Review >> vendor

Matt Lepkowski, Owner

Provides Data Management, Custom Software Solutions, and I.T. Assessment to leverage robust technologies and create new revenue streams

myCloudDoor: The SAP on Azure Expert
CIO Review >> vendor

Marcos De Pedro, CEO

myCloudDoor helps clients migrate, deploy, and execute ECC, BW, S/4Hana, Hybris, and other SAP applications on Microsoft Azure

Lightspeed Mobile Labs: The Cornerstone of Mobile Application Development
CIO Review >> vendor

Abby Walters, CEO

Creating state-of-the-art Consumer and Enterprise level mobile Apps in Android and Apple iOS platforms for global firms

AI Foundry: Actionable Intelligence Empowering Future - Ready Mortgages
CIO Review >> vendor

Stephen Butler, General Manager

Provides financial institutions with actionable intelligence to automate manual processes, manage compliance, while driving business process efficiency