Creative Realities [NASDAQ:CREX]: Pioneering Digital Signage 2.0
CIO Review >> vendor

Rick Mills, CEO

Specializes in digital signage and designs, develops, and deploys marketing technology experiences

Symbio: Connecting, Engaging, and Amazing Customers with Transformative Digital Services
CIO Review >> vendor

Jeff Wu, Global CEO

Symbio, a global digital services company helps firms build innovative software products and transformative digital services that connect, engage, and amaze their customers

eCurrencyMint: Spearheading the Secure Issuance of Digital Fiat Currency by Central Banks
CIO Review >> vendor

Jonathan Dharmapalan, CEO

Combines hardware, software, and cryptographic security protocols to provide central banks the tools to preserve their charter and doctrine in an increasingly digital economy

Plus Technologies & Innovations: Simplifying and Securing Financial Transactions for Banks
CIO Review >> vendor

Giovanni Castellanos, VP, Sales and Marketing

Provider of solutions to protect against financial crimes

Qumu: The Next Level of Video Collaboration
CIO Review >> vendor

Vern Hanzlik, President & CEO

The Qumu platform enables global organizations to drive employee engagement, increase access to video, and modernize the workplace

GDS Link: Catalyst for New Age Lending
CIO Review >> vendor

Paul Greenwood, CEO

Provider of customer-centric risk management and process automation technology that simplifies and accelerates lending process

Impesa: Harmonizing Payment Management
CIO Review >> vendor

Mario Hernández, Founder & CEO

Offers a range of fintech SaaS payment and expense control solutions for banks and the retail industry

Neural Technologies: Empowering Finance with Digital Transformational & Analytical Innovations
CIO Review >> vendor

Claus Nielsen, Vice President of Marketing

Neural Technologies delivers innovative solutions to manage revenue assurance and fraud, application, collections and credit risk

White Clay: The Revenue-Driving Power of Information
CIO Review >> vendor

Mac Thompson, President

White Clay’s software solutions and consulting services empower banks to profit from their data

PeerNova: Unleashing the Power of Blockchain in Finance
CIO Review >> vendor

Gangesh Ganesan, President, CTO, & Co-founder

Provides blockchain-based solution for storing, securing validating financial data

Clovity: Enabling Enterprises Unleash IoT with 'Device-to-Cloud' Solutions
CIO Review >> vendor

Anuj Sachdeva, CEO

Powering Global Enterprises to Invigorate IoT through cutting edge device-to-cloud solutions and systems integration capabilities enhanced by agile delivery framework

PEX: The "Bank in a Box" System
CIO Review >> vendor

Sailesh Sewpaul, Group Chief Executive and Founder

Delivers a fully scalable payments architecture for everything from ATM acquiring and call centers through to mobile and e-commerce payments processing

SmartStream Technologies: Sensing the Pulse of Banking Industry
CIO Review >> vendor

Haytham Kaddoura, CEO

Provides volume insensitive, instrument agnostic STP solutions that deliver control to the transaction lifecycle

Pelican: Pioneering Artificial Intelligence in Banking
CIO Review >> vendor

Parth Desai, Founder & CEO

Embedding artificial intelligence into the banking industry to provide practical and real-time solutions

Fiserv [NASDAQ:FISV]: Banking at the Speed of Life
CIO Review >> vendor

Jeffery Yabuki, President & CEO

Supports asset liability management, risk assessment and management and other financial operations

Axxiome: Transforming Banks into Customer-Centric, Future-Ready, Digital Enterprises
CIO Review >> vendor

Dominik Weisserth, Partner, North American Region

Delivering solutions to the financial services industry, driving business and technology change through proven global expertise

Unisys Corporation: [NYSE: UIS]- Architects of Digital Transformation
CIO Review >> vendor

Peter Altabef, President & CEO

Delivers industry-focused solutions integrated with cutting-edge security to clients in the government, financial services, and commercial markets

TDi Technologies: Pioneering Privileged Access
CIO Review >> vendor

Bill Johnson, CEO & Founder

Provides IT security and operations solutions to help customers reduce operating costs, meet compliance requirements, and improve service delivery

Strategic Companies: Orchestrating Seamless Disaster Recovery through Technology Driven Competence
CIO Review >> vendor

Sharon Davis, Founder & CEO

Delivering IBM hardware and software solutions to manage disaster recovery

Proxym Group: Catalyzing Mobility with IBM
CIO Review >> vendor

Wassel Berrayana, Founder & CEO

Leverages IBM MobileFirst for mobile-enabling organizations and processes and IBM Bluemix as Digital Platform