big data

Airdata UAV: Simplifying and Scaling Compliant Drone Operations
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Eran Steiner, Founder & CEO

Provides a comprehensive flight safety and compliance data analysis platform that proactively addressees advanced maintenance and increases pilot and flight effectivenes

Möbius Partners: Streamlining IT with Businesses
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Javier Uribe, President & Co-Founder and Junab Ali, President & Co-Founder

A relationship-driven IT solutions provider enabling organizations to maximize the value of their data center investment

Sinequa: Unprecedented Data Analytics
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Alexandre Bilger, President & CEO

At Sinequa, the team of developers understands the challenge of getting information to data analysts. Most companies gather their information by relying on the cognitive sense of an information scientist, and this causes a big setback, as it takes...

erwin, Inc.: Powerful Data Modeling for Enterprise Data Management
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Adam Famularo, CEO

erwin provides comprehensive data management and governance solutions to automate and accelerate the transformation of data into accurate and actionable insights

Mainline Information Systems: All-round IT expertise! 3 Decades and Counting...
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Jim Dixon, Mainline VP of Software & Servers

The company is a national, leading information technology solutions and IT consulting firm that also leverages a strategic partnership with IBM for delivering best of breed solutions

ZOOM International: A More Impactful Approach to Customer Retention
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Brian Shore, CEO

We guide contact centers to achieve increase efficiency, customer experience, & compliance while decreasing customer attrition by capturing & reacting to the emotion of the customer

Pyramis Technology Group: Reimagining Product Lifecycle Management for OEMs and Contract Manufacturers
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Marc Schroder, President

Provides a one-stop-shop platform for OEMs to manage the different aspects of their entire supply chain right from manufacturing to end of life disposal. Enabling clients through the development and delivery of a true circular-economy

Barco: Empowering Utilities with Seamless Collaboration
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Suchit Rout, Director Strategic Marketing

A global leader in enabling critical decision making for smart utilities’ control centers

BigTime Software: Delivering Seamless Professional Services Automation
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Brian Saunders, CEO

BigTime Software delivers an integrated time-tracking, billing and project management software for thousands of professional firms, tracking over $2 billion (USD) of billable time each year

Computhink: Contentverses Intelligent Workflow Leverages the ECM's Vast Feature Set
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Joseph Wharram, President

Provides companies across the globe with an advanced document management software, Contentverse, and prepares business environments for the future

Big Data Block: The Democratization of Big Data with Blockchain
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Jason Cohen, CEO

Combines open source software that connects massive networks of computers to orchestrate large tasks and the decentralized nodes of a global blockchain network

Data Insight Discovery, Inc.: Deriving Actionable Insights Through Predictive Analytics
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Dr. Natasha Balac, Founder, President and CEO

The consultancy provides Big Data and Data Scienceservices and training to diverse industries

Guru: With Guru, You’re Always in the Know
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Mitchell Stewart, Co-Founder & CTO and Rick Nucci, Co-Founder & CEO

Guru is a Knowledge Management Network, utilizing AI to make sales, support, and customer success teams better at their jobs. By empowering the mentioned teams in-context with the knowledge that is needed to respond to customer questions, the...

CLM Matrix
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Tim Sparks, CEO

Provides a Contract Lifecycle Management software that can significantly reduce risk and costs while increasing revenues and vastly improving productivity

B2B Gaming Services: Personalized Experience in Real Time
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Gabriel Chaleplis, Founder

As a provider of comprehensive platform solutions to sports betting, casino and games in regulated markets, B2B GAMING SERVICES is already at the forefront of providing ROI intensive solutions. In the wake of exceedingly diversified operational...

Xcalar: The Engine for the Data-Driven World
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Vikram Joshi, Co-Founder & CEO and Rebecca Yan Ye, Co-Founder and COO

Xcalar, Inc., offers a next-generation data processing, management, and analytics platform making advanced analytics easy to use

Grid4C: Driving the Energy World with AI and ML
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Dr. Noa Ruschin-Rimini, Founder & CEO

Provides intelligent energy insights using artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities Infusing the Power of AI in Manufacturing
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Kennedy Brown, Co-Founder & President

Helps manufacturers enlighten their business through data using the latest techniques in AI, ML, and Advanced Analytics

TESCHGlobal: Solving the Most Challenging Data Problems Organically
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Will Tesch, Founder & CEO

TESCHGlobal (TG), founded in 2005, is committed to manage and utilize business data employing the modern technology tools and repeatable methodologies that automate processes while enabling full insight into operations. Their specialized team of...

Infonex Technologies: Unraveling the Complexity of Big Data
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Afzal Ebrahim, CEO

Offers Datameer-Analytics—an ingenious end-to-end big data solution— purpose-built to abstract the complexity of Hadoop