xtraCHEF: Controlling the Chaos
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Andy Schwartz, Co-Founder & CEO

Provides data analytics and automated cost management technology to the restaurant industry

Mobile Reach: Mobilizing Enterprise Level Applications
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A provider of mobility software solutions that enable cost savings, increased worker productivity, more efficient workflows, and unlimited scalability to support a growing mobile workforce.

Content Marketing Best Practices for Improved Engagement
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In Google’s search algorithms content relevance has improved over time.

Stepping into Cyberspace; How the Law Enforcement's Paradigm is Shifting
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Usama Georges, CIO, San Diego County District Attorney's Office

Predictive analytics can pave the future for preventing or avoiding certain situations based on decades of information saved in databases and not properly being used for such purposes.

Managing IT Budgets to help foster Innovation
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Subbu Murthy, CIO, Howard Building Corporation

The role of the CIO is multi-faceted. To the business, the CIO is the bridge to technology.

Yes, the CISO, CIO, and CTO can be friends!
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Rebecca Wynn, Head of Information Security, Matrix Medical Network

It always has amazed me to see, read, and hear stories of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and other executives becoming very concerned that the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) had become a close colleague.

Americans Stand 'United in Work,' according to Nintex Survey
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Nintex, a provider of workflow and content automation (WCA) software, has announced the release of its new Nintex State of Productivity Survey.

VMware for Scalability, Time-to-Market, and Responsiveness
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Vinod Kachroo, CIO, SE2

The business environment is changing at a rapid clip, the transformation apparent and across all industries. Customers expect seamless, anytime, anywhere interactions from retailers, banks, and insurers, for instance.

Transforming Public Sector Organizations Through the Cloud
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Pravin Kumar, CEO, AST Corporation

The adoption of cloud software and its effect on public sector organizations can be better understood only if we keep public sector missions and mandates in perspective.

Forget About Legacy, Put Customers Center Stage of your IT Strategy
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Fred Slikker, CEO, Intrasurance Technology

Thanks to a growing network of customers, prospects and business partners, I get to travel and meet a lot of insurance executives to talk about digital disruption.

How DRaaS Is Transforming Disaster Recovery
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Walt Thomasson, Managing Director, Rentsys Recovery Services

When the cloud first started gaining recognition in the mid- to late 2000s, it was met with skepticism and security concerns. What if hackers accessed data in the cloud?

The Enterprise Perspective: Development, Modernization, and Enhancement
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Brian Skapura, CIO, INCATech

It is an exciting time to be a CIO. Organizations are under pressure to modernize their technology stack including; databases, websites and the underlying architecture.

Cloud Technology Forcing the Re-evaluation of Traditional IT Operational Models in Healthcare Organizations
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Dr. Tina Rourk, Practice Leader for IT Optimization and Planning, Diane Meiller & Associates, Inc.

As more and more Healthcare organizations are shifting to cloud solutions, it is forcing a re-evaluation of some traditional IT operating models.

The CIO, CFO and CHRO - Partnering for Business Success
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David Swanson, Global Lead SAP Runs SAP HR, SAP

Today’s companies are looking to address two of the biggest factors impeding success in their organizations, complexity and employee engagement.