business intelligence

HyTechPro: The 7Cs Approach to Success
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Neeraj Garg, COO

A globally recognized digital transformation company, helping its worldwide clientele by helping them in re-modeling their business processes digitally

Dunn Solutions: Transforming Businesses Using Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
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Bill Dunn, President

A digital commerce and business transformation consultancy highly focused on delivering velocity to its clients

MicroStrategy: Pioneer in the BI and Analytics space
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Michael J. Saylor, President, Chairman of the Board and CEO

Provides a comprehensive analytical platform to help its clients meet their business needs

PenguinData:Vanguards of the Workforce Management Space
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Michael W. Enters, COO

PenguinData’s Emperor Suite of Modules renders a comprehensive management system that aids its clients in automating and standardizing valuable business data and work more efficiently

ThoughtSphere: Facilitating Clinical Trials for Pharmaceuticals and CROs
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Sudeep Pattnaik, CEO & Founder

Helps pharmaceutical companies and CROs reduce their development costs and identify risk in clinical trials

Infosemantics, Inc.: Enhancing Business Productivity with Oracle EBS
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Susan Behn, Vice President

Specializes in the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), Business Intelligence (BI), cloud applications, big data solutions, and managed remote services

ePROMIS Solutions: Driving the Construction Project Success
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Mathews Mathew, CEO

Offers a complete set of integrated ERP solutions to enhance end-to-end processes in the construction industry

Matillion: Reinventing How Businesses Get Their Data to the Cloud
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Matthew Scullion, CEO

Matillion, founded in 2010, is an industry-leading data transformation solution for cloud data warehouses. It enables businesses to be truly cloud-based and data-driven. Matillion leverages the power of the cloud data warehouse to consolidate...

StreamScape Technologies: Turning Real-Time Insights into Intelligent Actions
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Dmitry Lelchuk, President & CEO

StreamScape, founded in 2011, headquartered in New York, is a technology for agile data preparation and real-time analysis and query using SQL with built-in support for machine learning and data science. The businesses have a growing amount of...

Cohda Wireless
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Paul Gray, CEO

Leads the way in CAV technology, with proven applications for connecting vehicles, infrastructure and pedestrians that will make our streets safer, smarter and greener

Bit-Lever: Shaping Employee-Employer Relationships
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Andy Schrider, Founder & CEO

Provides a gamification platform that brings competition and engagement to the call center agents

OrecX, LLC: Call Recording for Cisco
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Steve Kaiser, Co-Founder and CEO

Offers the most affordable, easy to install, maintain, and use call recording software for contact centers and business VoIP providers

NETSCOUT[NASDAQ : NTCT]: A Proactive Approach to Infrastructure Monitoring
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Anil Singhal, Founder, President and CEO

A provider of service assurance, cybersecurity, and business intelligence solutions for today’s most demanding service provider, enterprise and government networks

Kash Tech: One-Stop Shop for Niche Technology Services
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Kamesh Gopalan, President & Principal Consultant

Provides a gamut of business intelligence solutions and services by leveraging the industry standard BI platforms

Truelytics: Empowering Wealth Management Enterprises through Business Intelligence
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Terry Mullen, CEO & Founder

Truelytics provides groundbreaking business intelligence platform to help advisors strengthen their business

CAST: Empowering Businesses with Software Intelligence
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Vincent Delaroche, Chairman & CEO

Helps digital leaders and doers see the truth, become software geniuses and deliver resilient, responsive, safe and secure software

cBEYONData: Purpose-Built for Business Excellence
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David Schmidtknecht, Principal

Provides business intelligence and analytic solutions to government CFO Offices and end-user missions

Cornwall Analytics: Analytics Driven CRM and Customized Dashboard
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Orville Cornwall, Business Intelligence Officer

Offers solutions to enable organizations to gain better insights into their data with enhanced data visualization applications

ProModel: Simulation Based Decision Support
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Keith Vadas, President and CEO

Provides simulations services, software, and consulting

GBST: The agility and innovation of a start-up with global support and scale-the best of both worlds
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Nick Clarke, Executive Manager – Institutional Product

Provider of flexible and customizable financial technology to markets on a global scale