Airdata UAV: Simplifying and Scaling Compliant Drone Operations
CIO Review >> vendor

Eran Steiner, Founder & CEO

Provides a comprehensive flight safety and compliance data analysis platform that proactively addressees advanced maintenance and increases pilot and flight effectivenes

CloudConnect: Breaking the Cloud Barrier for Businesses
CIO Review >> vendor

Evan Sullivan, Product Development Manager

Provides the Industry’s first and only turnkey Desktop-as-a-Service solution paired with comprehensive Cloud Infrastructure

Burwood Group: The Nexus of Seasoned Expertise and Proven Methodologies
CIO Review >> vendor

Joanna Robinson, VP

Burwood Group is a Citrix Platinum Solution Advisor that delivers solutions through the deep technical capabilities and industry knowledge of its solution architects and consultants

Bromium: Isolated Breach Protection Using Virtual Machines
CIO Review >> vendor

Ian Pratt, Co-Founder & President

Bromium uses virtualization and the isolation it provides to protect enterprises by running every task on connected devices with their own unique virtual machines

10ZiG Technology: Blazing the "Integration Trail" in the latest Citrix Solutions for VDI Endpoints
CIO Review >> vendor

Kevin Greenway, CTO

Provides cutting-edge thin clients and zero clients for the latest virtual desktop infrastructure solutions

10ZiG Technology: Managing Endpoints for Desktop Virtualization Made Easy
CIO Review >> vendor

Martin Pladgeman, CEO

A world leader in endpoints for VDI, providing levels of customization far beyond the competition along with a fully free endpoint management software suite

General Dynamics Information Technology: Future-Focused Technology and Services
CIO Review >> vendor

Amy Gilliland, President

General Dynamics IT strives to deliver smart, future-focused technological solutions to empower governmental agencies

FIVE9: Engaging Customer Experiences Powered by Cloud
CIO Review >> vendor

Rowan Trollope, CEO

Five9 is a leading provider of cloud contact center software, bringing the power of the cloud to thousands of customers

ID Grup: Leveraging NetApp to Deliver Increased Productivity
CIO Review >> vendor

Sergi Aguilar, COO

Specializes in designing and exploitation of complex critical infrastructures on a pay-per-use basis for obtaining maximum value for the client’s IT investments

CloudConnect: Breaking down Barriers to Cloud Entry
CIO Review >> vendor

Michael Guigli, Managing Partner and CTO

Enables IT professionals to seamlessly deploy and support Windows-based virtual desktop environments, IaaS, and SDN, with seamless access to all data and applications

OverWatchID: Multi-pronged Solution Stack for Identity Security
CIO Review >> vendor

Cameron Williams, Founder & CTO

OverWatchID’s cloud based product platform packages four critical solutions for identity security namely PAM, SSO, MFA and CASB

CAPFIVE Technology Solutions: The Gateway to the Cloud
CIO Review >> vendor

Lance Griffith, CEO

Utilizes Microsoft’s products to create affordable and robust private cloud solutions for the SMB market

HiveIO Inc.: Secure Data, Streamline Operations, and Transform Application Delivery
CIO Review >> vendor

Dan Newton, CEO

Provides customers with a simplified infrastructure solution that is cost effective for datacenters

MTM Technologies: The IT Infrastructure Modernizers
CIO Review >> vendor

Marcus Holloway, CEO

MTM’s innovative cloud services through AwA create predictive, consistent, and repeatable outcomes in a complex and ever-changing technological world

Nutanix [NASDAQ:NTNX]: Architects of Enterprise Empowerment
CIO Review >> vendor

Sunil Potti, Chief Product & Development Officer

Nutanix natively converges compute, storage, networking, and virtualization into a resilient, software-defined solution that accelerates deployment of any virtual workloads

MTM Technologies: Ensuring Business Success with Citrix
CIO Review >> vendor

Marcus Holloway, CEO

Provides a best-in-class comprehensive suite of workspace virtualization solutions

Computex Technology Solutions: An All-Round Citrix Experience
CIO Review >> vendor

Worth Davis, CTO

As a gold standard Citrix advisor, the company takes IT optimization path to enable business transformation for its clients

Burwood Group: Secure, Cloud-Driven Strategies for the Digital Workplace
CIO Review >> vendor

Joanna Robinson, Senior Vice President of Technology

Provides smarter solutions that deliver better outcomes to local, national, and international clients by bridging the gap between business strategy and technology

A2U: IT Provider Future-Proofs Businesses with Winning Solutions that Disrupt Status Quo, Deliver ROI
CIO Review >> vendor

Dan Dillman, CEO

A complete IT solutions provider dedicated to developing innovative, cost-effective, business-optimizing solutions for every client

Personal Data: Driving Business through NetApp Expertise
CIO Review >> vendor

Giuliano Tonolli, Sales & Strategy Manager

Specialized in solutions for the centralization, virtualization and NetApp storage systems