CMiC: Quintessential Software Solutions for the Modern CIO
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Gordon Rawlins, President

Provider of complete, integrated, and advanced enterprise software solutions for construction and capital project firms

Autodesk: Generative Approach towards Designing
CIO Review >> vendor

Carl Bass, CEO

A software company reimagining the Simulation landscape in tune with a transforming manufacturing industry

Bentley Systems: Comprehensive Project Delivery: The New Construction Imperative
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Harry Vitelli, SVP, Construction and Field, Business Unit Management

Bentley provides architects, engineers, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive software solutions for advancing the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure

3DR: Shaping the Commercial Drone Industry
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Chris Anderson, CEO & Founder

3DR makes Site Scan, the industry-leading drone data platform for construction and engineering professionals

Acculis: Revolutionizing the Way Construction Sector Leverages BIM
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Nicholas Molinski, Co-founder & CTO, Ada Slusarczyk,Co-founder & CIO, Darren Yee, Co-founder & CEO and Christopher Lysiuk, Co-founder & COO

Offers a platform to make building design information visible to all the parties involved in the construction of a building

ManufactOn: Prefabrication Catalysts
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Raghi Iyengar, Founder & CEO

Renders a collaborative, cloud, and mobile solution for prefab production and supply chain management

dRofus: Steering Construction Technology into the Future
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Rolf Jerving, CEO

Helps all stakeholders to plan, manage and maintain data with comprehensive workflow support and access to building information throughout the building lifecycle

Procore Technologies: Vanguards Construction of Tech
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Tooey Courtemanche, CEO

Helps project managers to improve project efficiency with viable project management tools

ClearEdge3D: Moving Towards Profitable Construction Projects
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Kelly Cone, VP of Product Management

Applies computer vision algorithms to automate the exploitation of point cloud data in 3D modeling and virtual design and construction (VDC) workflows

AlphaBOLD: The BOLD Solution for Redefining Success
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Tayyab Ali, VP Consulting

It helps with end-to-end implementation across discovery, planning, design, development, and rollout of a line of business applications in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Core Associates: Automating the AP Approval Process
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Frank Grenci, CEO

Leading provider of AP approval processing and content management software solutions for Sage 300 CRE users in the construction and real estate industries

Quantumlytix: Pioneering Reverse-Engineered Systems Implementation
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Jack Mensch, President

A data-driven system implementer who uses an application-building and simulation software to create systems that outline efficiency

Topcon Positioning Systems: At the Intersection of Field and Office
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David Ahl, Director, Software Product Management

Topcon Positioning System designs and manufactures precise positioning products and software solutions for the construction industry

APE Mobile: Automating Site Paperwork
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Matt Edwards, Founder & CEO

Provides a paperless site app for civil construction and engineering industry

ManufactOn: Prefabrication Catalysts
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Raghi Iyengar, Founder & CEO

Provides collaborative, cloud, and mobile solution for prefab production and supply chain management

Atlas RFID Solutions: Material Readiness Redefined
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Jon Chesser, SVP, Strategic Services, Robert Fuqua, Founder & CEO, Bobby Ball, COO

Provides technological solutions to ensure material-readiness by enhancing the visibility into the supply chain across projects, EPCs, contractors, fabricators, and suppliers

Identified Technologies: Know When Others Guess
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Dick Zhang, CEO

The leading fully-managed commercial drone solution

Bricsys: A Step ahead in CAD Technology
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Erik De Keyser, CEO

A global provider of .dwg-based design software powering 2D drafting, 3D modeling, sheet metal design, and BIM workflows

Boundless Spatial
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Andy Dearing, CEO

Delivers a scalable, open GIS platform that includes Exchange, Suite, Desktop and Connect