content management

Sinequa: Unprecedented Data Analytics
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Alexandre Bilger, President & CEO

At Sinequa, the team of developers understands the challenge of getting information to data analysts. Most companies gather their information by relying on the cognitive sense of an information scientist, and this causes a big setback, as it takes...

Computhink: Contentverses Intelligent Workflow Leverages the ECM's Vast Feature Set
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Joseph Wharram, President

Provides companies across the globe with an advanced document management software, Contentverse, and prepares business environments for the future

KnowledgeLake: Enhancing ECM Capabilities with Machine Learning
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Ron Cameron, CEO

The firm provides a full spectrum of transactional content management offerings, both cloud-based and on-premises imaging and content management solutions

Systemware Inc.: Beyond Intelligent Information Management
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Frankie Basso, President & COO

Offers content services solutions that capture, organize, manage and deliver the exact information when it is needed and in the right context

Business Automation Experts: Strategic Use of Technology to Improve Operational Efficiency
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Matt Lepkowski, Owner

Provides Data Management, Custom Software Solutions, and I.T. Assessment to leverage robust technologies and create new revenue streams

Feith Systems: Democratizing Software Customization
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Mitch Farbstein, VP Government Sales

Provides streamlined, comprehensive solutions to the most challenging business processes

IowaComputerGurus: Customer-centric Business Web Solutions
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Mitchel Sellers, CEO & Director of Development

IowaComputerGurus (ICG) provides custom application and deployment solutions built upon the Microsoft .NET Technology stack; including MVC Core and the Azure Cloud

Foster Web Marketing: Building Brands through Web Marketing
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Tom Foster, Founder & CEO

Provides online marketing services to law firms and medical practices, enabling them to improve their online presence and grow client base

Appatura: Content Management Driven by Granular Control
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Richard M. Plotka, CEO

Provides an AI-powered content management platform and tools to assemble, analyze, and publish enterprise-wide content at a granular level

cSubs: Bringing Visibility into Contract Management Processes
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Kenneth S. Redler, CTO

cSubs provides web-based information management services for corporate and institutional clients

OnCue: Turning Websites into Research System
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Russell Cowdrey, President

OnCue is do-it-yourself digital research management platform that effectively transforms website visitors into an inexpensive research panel without the need for an IT professional

Terria Mobile: Creating and Managing Winning Brand Experiences
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Robin A. Wirz, CEO

Provides a comprehensive portfolio of products for context-driven mobile application development and experience management

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Russell F. McCann, Jr. Co-founder, CEO & President

Actio's substance-based materials management system tracks products, bill of materials, and substances all at once

IDS Imaging: Find, Modify and Share Documents Easily
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Dan Currie, President

Innovative Document Solutions (IDS) Imaging provides a range of file management solutions to businesses in order to help them enhance operations

Youtech & Associates: Creating Immersive Web Experiences
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Lauren Urban, Creative Director

Create an array of captivating and sleek website designs, giving clients a world-class online marketing experience

DocPoint Solutions
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Scott Swidersky, President & CEO

A company providing a full range of consultative services with a focus on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and document capture

Insite Software: Facilitating a Seamless E-commerce Experience
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Steve Shaffer, CEO

Insite goes beyond traditional e-commerce to unify people, channels and products across the enterprise to transform B2B transactions into experiences

BrandShop: Connecting Brands to Consumers, Exceeding Expectations
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Reuben Hendell, CEO

Works with brands and retailers to architect, build and secure the best digital shopping experiences for consumers

VTEX: Augmenting Ecommerce across the Globe
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Mariano Gomide de Faria, Founder and Co-CEO

Multi-tenant cloud ecommerce solution for tailored shopping experiences and real-time responses

airSpring Software: Visual Microservices for Business
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Neal Gottsacker, President & CEO

Provider of document-oriented microservices that build critical business interfaces and documents as part of web and mobile applications