Pulse Secure: Secure Access Visionaries
CIO Review >> vendor

Sudhakar Ramakrishna, CEO

Pulse Secure is in the business of building secure access solutions that enable end-users and IT administrators to be more productive

DeepSingularity: The Road to SAP Enterprise Machine Learning
CIO Review >> vendor

Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka, Founder & CEO

DeepSingularity provides SAP consulting with methodologies and accelerators to meet the growing demand of end-to-end integration of SAP Enterprise systems

QDiscovery: Uncovering the Truth in Your Data
CIO Review >> vendor

David Barrett, CEO

Delivers eDiscovery and digital forensic services and solutions

UBIC [NASDAQ:UBIC]: Transforming Litigation Support Using Future Discovery
CIO Review >> vendor

Andrew Jimenez, CEO

Provider of Artificial Intelligence and litigation support technologies like e-discovery and digital forensic services

Direct Insite: Offering End-To-End Capabilities to Simplify the Financial Supply Chain
CIO Review >> vendor

Matthew E. Oakes, CEO and Chairman

Providing a unified working capital management platform for banks and corporations.

Define Mobility: Secure Mobility Solutions for the BYOD Era
CIO Review >> vendor

Jesse Singh, CEO

A full service IT Solutions provider focused on mobility and development of managed network solutions, in addition to consulting, security, integration and management services.

doeLEGAL: Enterprise Collaboration Solutions for the Legal Industry
CIO Review >> vendor

Thomas J. Russo, President & CEO

Providing superior technology delivering premier legal solutions.

WCI Consulting: Methodically Disintegrating Business Challenges
CIO Review >> vendor

Marty Carney, President & CEO

A provider of BI Consulting, Data Management, Application integration & development and BI support and training

ISU: Timely, Agile and Tech Savvy Solutions to Deliver Projects on Time
CIO Review >> vendor

David Mansilla, Founder & CEO

Provider of Unified project management solution to add transparency, agility, visibility and efficiency during project lifecycle delivering outcomes within budget and schedule

NebuLogic: Setting a Benchmark in the Segment
CIO Review >> vendor

Nivas Nallanthi, Chairman & CEO

A leading provider of Cloud Computing, CRM/CX solutions and implementation services across the globe.

Catalyst Business Solutions: Spearheading Cloud and Big Data Adoption in Africa
CIO Review >> vendor

Anupam Awasthi & Amol Awasthi, Founders

Technology Consulting in business applications, datacenter and embedded technologies.

Vena Solutions Automating Mission-Critical Financial Processes without Ever Leaving Excel
CIO Review >> vendor

Don Mal, CEO

A flexible, web-based application that seamlessly transforms Excel into a full-scale corporate performance management solution by wrapping manual spreadsheet processes in a controlled, database-centric environment with workflow processes, audit...

Property Technology: Driving Culture Change at Mcdonald's
CIO Review >>

Scott Phillips, Director, Corporate Real Estate, McDonald’s Corporation

Success with Property Technology requires a changing mindset within CRE around partnerships, skills sets, and a forward focus.

Emergence of New Healthcare models with Innovative Technologies
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The healthcare industry is prepared to adopt innovative technologies to drive the next wave of digitalization and the emergence of new care models.

Local Perspective on Homeland Security for 2018
CIO Review >>

Bill Hunter, Director, Communications and Information Technology, County of Roanoke

Social Media also plays a key part in Homeland Security providing a path to rapidly spread news, information, upcoming events, cautions, and warnings.

Design Strategy: The Secret Weapon for Effective Digital Signage
CIO Review >>

Jonathan Alger, Managing Partner, C&G Partners

Digital signage has revolutionized the way businesses communicate with a range of key audiences. At its best, it can dazzle the eye and engage the mind with important and entertaining content.

The After Effects of IoT on Cybersecurity
CIO Review >>


In movies, we have always seen the villains, the robbers, and the hackers disarm the automated surveillance devices and rob important artifacts and information.

Blockchain Technology: The next great infrastructure for commerce, the community and the world
CIO Review >>

Andrea Tinianow, Director, Global Delaware

Over the last several years, blockchain’s reputation has done a 180.

Big Data Retires Your Data Storage Infrastructure... So Now What?
CIO Review >>

Shahbaz Ali, President & CEO, Tarmin

Big data is flooding organizations while the industry scrambles to get grips with the new data-driven economy and what that means for businesses.

Big Data Retires Your Data Storage Infrastructure So Now What?
CIO Review >>

Shahbaz Ali, President and CEO, Tarmin

Big data is flooding organizations while the industry scrambles to get grips with the new data-driven economy and what that means for businesses.