customer experience management

Brite:Bill- Bills that Preserve Brand Promise
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Alan Coleman, CEO

Provides managed billing communication solutions to analyze, update, and monitor bills, and deliver personalized experiences to the consumer

inQuba: Pioneering the Dynamic Future of Customer Experience
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Trent Rossini, Co-Founder & COO

Provides a robust platform that powers customer experiences and engagements of leading brands across the world

NEXA: Integrating Customer Touchpoints
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Adrian Gold, CEO

Delivers technological solutions that drive superior customer service and enhance key facets of operational efficiency

Confirmit: Richer Data Insights for Enhanced Customer Experience
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Terry Lawlor, Executive VP, Product Management

Delivers solutions for Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Employee, and market research programs

TagRail: Driving Frictionless Vehicle Purchase
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Kiran Karunakaran, CEO

A CEM solutions company offering intuitive solutions to automotive retail organizations

JustOne Database: Agile Analytics for Intelligent CEM
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Kate Mitchell, Co-Founder & CEO

Providing the ability to handle extreme volumes of data cost-effectively while unlocking the potential of Customer Experience Management for network operators

QMATIC: Personalizing Customer Experience with Cloud Based Application
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Michael Hallén, President & CEO,

Offers customer journey management applications to enterprises for orchestrating experiences, maintaining competiveness and maximizing revenue

LogMeIn: Rethinking Engagement with the Connected Customer
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Matthew Duffy, VP of Marketing-Connected Products & Customers

Provider of cloud-based collaboration, customer engagement, connected objects, and IT management offerings

Intersec Group: Enhanced Customer Experience, Guaranteed
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Yann Chevalier, CEO

Delivers solutions and software’s that enables telecom operators to derive value from their network big data and to facilitate services innovation

HGS: Transforming Customer Experience through Personalized Interaction
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Chris Lord, Global Growth Strategy & Marketing

A CEM solution provider that optimizes company-customer interactions across all channels to deliver unified customer engagement capabilities to its clients

Flamingo: Delivering Individualized Customer Experiences
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Dr, Catriona Wallace, Founder

A next generation CEM, cloud based and self-installed - enabling customers to configure the experiences they want,that the business can deliver

Dialog Insight: Streamlining Customer Engagement through Personalized Interactions
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Pascale Guay, CEO

Assisting businesses to improve customer engagement with effective personalization

Creative Virtual: A Proven Self-Service Platform That Delivers a Profound Customer Experience
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Richard Simons, CEO

Provider of technologies in knowledge management, natural language processing, and intelligent virtual assistants for enhancing customer engagement at a lower cost per conversation

TEOCO: Synchronizing Solutions to Improve Network Service and Profits
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Atul Jain, Chairman and CEO

TEOCO analyzes and optimizes network and business performance by providing its expertise in big data and real-time capabilities to telecom companies

Vertical Solutions: Effective Field Service Management Provider
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Ronald W. Wegmann, Sr. CEO & President

Develops, implements, and supports best-in-class Field Service Management and Customer Experience / Contact Center solutions

GlobeOSS: Monetizing Transactional Data for Business Benefits
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Ann Wan Kuan, CEO & Founder

Helping companies monetize transactional data with modular Integrated Transactional Data framework.

Razorsight: Applying Data Science to Radically Improve Customer Experiences
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Charlie Thomas, CEO

Out-of-the-box, Cloud-based Analytics for Communications and Media companies.

7SEGMENTS: Helping Companies Better Understand Customers and Drive Revenue
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Jozo Kovac, Founder and CEO

A provider of Customer Experience Management with analytics and multi-channel campaign management.

Yelp and MomentFeed Expand Partnership to Deliver Powerful Business Insights
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The new Yelp Knowledge partnership uses Yelp’s vast database of trends, reviews, and performance data to help businesses better understand the customer experience.

Why Customer Experience Management is the Future of Marketing
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Branding started out as a concept or a thought to build in a customer’s head. But, along with technological advancements, that has changed.