Jetraxx: Unleashing The Power of Data in Aviation
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Shane Stringfellow, President

Jetraxx’s asset management solutions simplify compliance, standardize data, and streamline processes, for up-to-the-minute views into clients’ entire portfolio anytime, anywhere

MicroStrategy [Nasdaq: MSTR]: A New Upsurge In Enterprise Intelligence
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Michael J. Saylor, President, Chairman & CEO

MicroStrategy delivers innovative software that empowers people to make better decisions and transform the way they do business

Sciensio: Custom-Built AI Chatbots for Meaningful Interactions
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Robert H. Caldwell, Founding Partner & CRO

Delivers AI Chatbots in multiple channels to solve customer service questions quickly and easily. Customers just ask a question and get an answer

EnterpriStore: One E-commerce Program Does Not Fit All!
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James Louderback, CEO

Premier provider of e-commerce solutions, offering turn-key and responsive E-commerce sites along with a unique approach to SEO

STULZ: Customized Mission Critical Cooling Solutions
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Joerg Desler, President at STULZ Air Technology Systems, Inc.

Designs air conditioning equipment for data centers, load applications, and technical rooms

Cirrus Tech, Inc.: Augmenting Warehouse Capacity
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Darrell Dunham, President

Provides software, automation and capacity augmentation solutions for warehouses

F.P. Horak: A Self-serve Solution for Organizations
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Tim Dust, President

Full-service print and marketing solutions company

New Ocean Health Solutions: The Voyage to High Quality Healthcare
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Hal Rosenbluth, Chairman & CEO

A software development and design company delivering engaging and mobile-driven health and wellness programs.

Conga Novatus: Automating the Entire Contract Lifecycle
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Chris King, CTO and Doug Rybacki, VP-Product Management

Provides users with the ability to satisfy a wide range of contract management requirements across unlimited use cases while supporting specific business needs

Windstream Corp.: Premier Enterprise Data, Voice, Network and Cloud Provider
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Jeff Gardner, CEO & President

A provider of advanced networking, data center and cloud services to businesses of all sizes across the nation

C2C SmartCompliance: GRC Firm Offers Point-and-Click Solution for Conducting AssetRisk Assessments
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Steve Crutchley, Founder & CEO

Providing extensive expertise in information security, risk management, and regulatory/standards compliance.

Kilobytes Data Solutions: Mobile and Cloud Solutions Integrator
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Domenic Micieli, CEO & President

Providing a complete design and integration of On-Premise and Cloud based solutions over secure wired or wireless networks.

ANCILE Solutions: Offering Integrated Solutions for Employee Success
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Greg Sybersma, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

A leading developer of e-learning content management software solutions that drive employee success.

MineSight: Shaping Smart Mines of the Future
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John Davies, President

MineSight is a comprehensive modeling and mine planning platform, delivering integrated solutions for exploration, modeling, design, scheduling, and operation.

Princeton Power Systems: Efficient Energy Storage and Management Solutions For Clean Power Generatio
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Darren Hammell, Co-founder & CSO

A design and manufacturing technology solutions provider for energy management, microgrid operations, and electric vehicle charging.

Windstream Corp.: Premier Enterprise Data, Voice, Network and Cloud Provider
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Today\'s fast-paced world requires increased productivity and availability of IT resources and applications for businesses who need to rapidly implement cloud services without costly capital investments, reshape their environments on demand,...

Customized Energy Solutions Hosted Software Solutions: And Market Intel For The Ever Changing Energy
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Stephen Fernands, Founder

Assists clients in managing the changes in the wholesale and retail electricity markets.

Smart solutions for Insurance Companies with Artificial Intelligence
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Digitalization has provided organizations with huge sets of data, opening new avenues to deploy and benefit from Big data and analytics.

Will SDN replace MPLS? Not so fast
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Vickie Lonker, Vice President of Network and Security Management, Verizon

SDN is about to transform the way networks are managed, bringing much-needed flexibility and scalability to enterprises to dial services up and down as needed.

4 Ways to Build a Powerful B2B Customer Experience
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Blake Morgan, Customer Experience Futurist, Author, Speaker, Blake Morgan

Investing time and resources into customer experience can lead to huge rewards for B2B companies by driving growth and creating lifelong, loyal customers.