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Telesoft Technologies: Protecting Communications CNI –Making Sure our Devices and IoT Can Talk
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Mathew Downham, Managing Director

Develops cyber security, telecoms mobile products, and services and government infrastructure

Barrier1: Cybersecurity Swat Team
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Jim Libersky, President

Barrier1 has designed a platform that encompasses, utilizes, and protects BYOD with the accuracy and speed required

Symantec [NASDAQ:SYMC]: Securing an Information-driven World
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Greg Clark, CEO

Symantec offers strategic and integrated solutions to defend against sophisticated attacks across endpoints, cloud and infrastructure

NetWatcher: Easy to Use and Affordable Cyber Security for the Mid-Market
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Scott B. Suhy, CEO

Provides easy to install and use, accurate and affordable cyber security protection solutions.

Nexusguard: The Digital Fort Knox
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Jolene Lee, CEO

Provides protection against a multitude of threats, including DDoS attacks, to ensure uninterrupted internet service

Niksun : Prepping Up A Secured Cyber Space For The Future
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Dr. Parag Pruthi, Chairman and CEO

The Company engages in cyber security and network monitoring solutions to secure critical infrastructure and reduce compliance risks.

Biscom: A Secure Document Delivery Expert
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Bill Ho, CEO

Offering secure document delivery solutions for enterprise file sharing and collaboration

SplashData: A New Approach to Business Password Management
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Morgan Slain, CEO

SplashData's TeamsID is a new business password manager that integrates with Google Apps for Work and lets customers choose whether to host in the cloud or on premises

NTT Innovation Institute: SDN and NFV Technology to Harness Digital Business
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Masahisa Kawashima, SVP, Product Management

The SDN technology provider is focused on helping companies harness digital technologies, and add agility and flexibility to their IT function.

FireEye: Innovative Security Services to Combat Cyber Threats
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David G. Dewalt, CEO

Provides automated threat forensics and dynamic malware protection against advanced cyber threats.

Kerio Technologies: The Challenge of Protecting Small and Mid-sized Businesses in 2015
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Mirek Kren, COO and General Manager

A global provider of complete IT infrastructure solutions that allows businesses to connect, communicate, and collaborate securely.

AtomAMPD: Single Interface to Address End-to-End Network Security Needs
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Daniel Field, CEO

AtomAMPD is an enterprise-level communications company providing scalable networking, security, and wireless and telephony solutions for businesses.

Wombat Security Technologies: Teaching Employees ‘Secure Behavior’ in Face of Cyber Attacks
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Joe Ferrara, President and CEO

Wombat Security Technologies delivers compelling cyber security awareness and training solutions

Niksun: Prepping Up A Secured Cyber Space For The Future
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The Company engages in cyber security and network monitoring solutions to secure critical infrastructure and reduce compliance risks

IT Disaster Recovery & Cyber Security: Joining Forces for Resiliency
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Paul J. Dattoli, MS, CBCP, AMBCI, Program Director, IT Disaster Recovery, Lahey Health

Your Cyber Security and IT Disaster Recovery (DR) programs must be closely aligned. Consider the two following questions that get to the heart of the matter.

Mind the Skills Gap: Attracting and Training the Next Generation of Cyber Security Professionals
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Paige Adams, Group CISO, Zurich Insurance Group

Cybersecurity apprenticeships can help develop talent to fill full-time Cyber positions.

Overcoming the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage
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Kevin Charest, Divisional SVP and CISO, Health Care Service Corporation

To combat the shortage of professionals, organizations need to invest in STEAM education for the next generation.

Is Manufacturing industry a key target for Cyber attackers
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Cyber attackers today are more focused on intellectual property that can bring about long term benefits which puts the manufacturing companies in their radar

Search & Destroy: The Importance of Cyber Threat Sharing In Defeating Cybercrime
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Gregory Crabb, CISO, VP, United States Postal Service

The Postal Service leverages law enforcement partnerships as a critical component of its overall network security strategy

Rethinking E-Mail Security
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Karthik Devarajan, Director of IT, Maryland Legal Aid

E-mail protection should not be just restricted to securing the e-mail gateway or having an anti-spam / anti-virus solution.