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Data Visualization Intelligence: The Vantage Point for Data Management
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Brian Beard, President

Data Visualization Intelligence (DVI), a SaaS-based technology company that delivers leading-edge visualization products through advanced data science and machine learning. The company serves multiple industries, including travel, dedicated to...

WCI Consulting: Analytics Tailored To The Client's Specific Needs
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Marty Carney, CEO

WCI Consulting is a firm that focuses on mastering the technology and tools essential for Business Intelligence (BI)

AxionConnect Infosolutions Pvt Limited: Empowering Business Decisions in the Digital Era
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Sanjay Rao N, Managing Partner,

AxionConnect Infosolutions is a services company specializing in predictive analytics and technology frameworks for corporate risk, retail risk, and decision management

Boost Labs: Narrating Uncluttered Data Stories through Visualization
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Ali Allage, CEO

Provides innovative full stack visualization services for private, public, and nonprofit industry clients

Abyres Group of Companies: Re-imagining Hadoop to Extract Best Value Out of Big Data Initiative
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Mohamad Jamal Suleiman,CEO

An Enterprise Open Source solution provider in the areas of cloud computing, virtualisation, big data, databases, middleware integration, data protection and desktop management

9Dots Management Corp, LLC: Delivering End-to-End EPM Solutions
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John Florio, CEO

Delivers end-to-end Business Intelligence solutions including EPM solutions built upon proCube

Nevron Software: End-to-End Platform for UI and Application Development with .NET
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Bob Milanov, CEO

A leading vendor of advanced Charting, Diagramming and Data Visualization solutions for Microsoft Technologies

5AM Solutions: Platform Focuses your Time on Analytics not Housekeeping
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Earl M. Furfine, CPA, PMP, CITP, CEO

5AM Solutions is a company that focuses on delivering the expertise and tools to assist the healthcare organizations keep pace with the current technology changes.

Novedea Systems: Realizing the Business Potential of BI Technology
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Ram Katamraja, CEO & Principal Architect AnandDasari, COO & Principal Architect

A business intelligence and data analytics consulting firm helping organizations achieve superior performance by realizing the business potential of data technology.

Information Management Consultants: Industry Knowledge with Applied Technical Expertise
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Sudhakar Shenoy, CEO

Providing performance-based custom and packaged technology solutions and services.

WCI Consulting: Instant Access, Consulting and On-Demand Intelligence In Real-Time
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Marty Carney, President and CEO

A company that specializes in deploying SAP based solutions and providing business intelligence technologies

CBIG Consulting: Decade of Expertise in Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Consulting
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Todd Nash, Founding Principal

Determines the governance, business usage, data usage and technology decisions with Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics.

Novedea Systems: Accelerated Analytics to Discover Actionable Intelligence
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Ram Katamaraja, CEO and Principal Architect And Anand Dasari, COO and Principal Architect

A data analytics and business intelligence consulting firm that strives to achieve superior performance through realization of the incredible potential of Big Data technologies to empower its customers.

Data Visualization Plays an Important Role in Businesses, let's know how
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Data visualization tools are rapidly growing in prominence as they provide cutting edge features such as charts, infographics, and videos. These features also offer engaging and natural channels of communication to data consumers.

Tools for an Effective Employee Management System
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Employee management is a set of practices and techniques for efficient and effective management of employees and other staff related operations.

How Visualization Tools can unleash the True Potential of IoT Data
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The true potential of any data is unleashed when it has a comprehensive presentation, easily understandable for all.

What Happened to My Spreadsheet?
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Kevin Loudermilk, Director, Data Visualization, USAA

Data visualization provides context for your data, prompting you where to dig deeper, highlighting outliers, or reinforcing assumptions.

How can big data analytics help in improving production?
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Manufacturing continues to play a significant role in driving a company forward. However, the role it used to play earlier in advanced and developing economies has undergone a paradigm shift.

Role of Data Visualization Tools in Business Operations
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Mark Pritchard, CFO, Data Mail

At Data-Mail, we handle significant amounts of data related to our client’s customers to enable appropriate direct marketing.

A Pragmatic Approach to Handle Big and Little Data Needs
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Martin Leach, VP R&D IT, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

I remember in the late 90’s/early 00’s working with our first Cyberstorage Systems disk array. There must have been close to a hundred standard format spinning hard drives amounting to 1-2 TB of usable disk space and the cost was in the six...