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Xcalar: The Engine for the Data-Driven World
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Vikram Joshi, Co-Founder & CEO and Rebecca Yan Ye, Co-Founder and COO

Xcalar, Inc., offers a next-generation data processing, management, and analytics platform making advanced analytics easy to use

Infonex Technologies: Unraveling the Complexity of Big Data
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Afzal Ebrahim, CEO

Offers Datameer-Analytics—an ingenious end-to-end big data solution— purpose-built to abstract the complexity of Hadoop

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John Donahoe, CEO

A cloud computing company that delivers digital experience to people to help them to perform best in their work

Xcalar: Rewriting The Big Data Rules
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Vikram Joshi, Co-founder & CEO, Rebecca Yan Ye, Co-founder & COO

Xcalar is a relational scale-out compute platform for modern data.

Modulus Data: The Future of Data Integration
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Yan Courtois, Founding Partner

Offers solutions and services designed to meet the needs of enterprise HR departments and medium-sized businesses

AxiomSL: Multidimensional Analysis Capabilities
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Alexander Tsigutkin, CEO

AxiomSL delivers enterprise strength technology and deep industry expertise to the world’s leading financial institutions

TransparaGov: A Government Based Tools & Services Provider
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Dr. David Rehr, CEO

A privately held corporation that helps state and local governments to improve their management processes

Infoworks: Dynamic Data Warehousing on Hadoop that Automatically Ingests and Organizes Enterprise Data for All Use-cases
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Amar Arsikere, Co-Founder and CEO

Provides Dynamic Data Warehousing software platform on Hadoop that automatically ingests and organizes enterprise data for all use-cases reducing the complexity and time to analytics insights

a2c: An Array Of Data Management Services
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Craig M. Spitzer, CEO

Providing a blend of solutions consulting, IT staff augmentation and executive search

Sintan: Enhancing Commercial Operations for Pharmaceutical Industry
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Jean-Paul Modde, Founding Partner & CEO

Delivers a fully integrated suite of tools for specialty pharmaceutical and device manufacturing companies

Syncsort: Leveraging Hadoop for Data Integration
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Josh Rogers, CEO

Provides fast, secure, enterprise-grade software spanning big data solutions in Hadoop

Apervi, Inc.: Reliable Big Data Integration Platform to Harness Business Insights
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Harish Narayan, SVP-Business Development & Product Marketing

A provider of web-based big data integration and orchestration platform

CMA: Data-Centric Innovation Driving Strategic Results
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Ken Romanski, President & Vice Chairman of the Board

Uses a combination of technology, process, and experienced people to ensure clean, secure data that is well-organized and can integrate with other solutions

Truven Health Analytics: Delivering Robust Analytics for Improved Efficiency
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Rich Holada, Chief Data & Technology Executive

A company delivering unbiased information, analytic tools, benchmarks, services, and related expertise to the healthcare industry

TimeXtender: Managing Big Data with TimeXtender’s Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) Platform
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Heine Krog Iversen, CEO

A leading provider of Business Intelligence (BI) built on a Data Warehouse which develops innovative Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse Automation (DWA)

Project X Ltd: Data Solutions Augmented With MicroStrategy
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Stephen Hayward, CEO

This is a consulting and implementation firm focusing largely on business intelligence and data warehousing for enterprise customers

Barquin International: Enabling Customers to Discover Organizational Intelligence
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Ramon Barquin, President

Full-service information technology consulting firm that helps complex organization transform their data into enhanced actionable decisions

TimeXtender: Advanced Data Warehouse Automation
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Heine Krog Iversen, CEO

Provides Business Intelligence (BI) built on a Data Warehouse Automation(DWA) platform dedicated to Microsoft® SQL Server®.

DataSense Solutions: Unlocking the Power and Value of Information
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Gary Bernstein, President

Provides BI and DW solutions that help companies turn data into actionable information.

Alight Analytics: Marketing Data Aggregation Platform designed to Accelerate Marketing Performance
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Matt Hertig, Co-Founder

Helps clients make smarter marketing decisions by aggregating all marketing performance data and allowing for multiple ways to access and analyze the integrated data.