DATAVARD: Unlocking the Full Potential of Data in SAP Systems
CIO Review >> vendor

Gregor Stöckler, CEO

Provides solutions that unlock the maximum potential of data in SAP systems along with reducing operational costs by shrinking databases

WinterCorp: Boutique Consulting For Data Management
CIO Review >> vendor

Richard Winter, Principal Architect & CEO

Specializes as a consultant enabling companies to define their data strategies and architectures, select the data platforms, and, build the data solutions

NAILBITER: Video-Based Consumer Behavior Analytics
CIO Review >> vendor

Amishi Takalkar, Co-Founder & CEO

Provides proprietary software and analytics platform that helps CPG companies unearth hidden insights from consumer-captured videos

Strategic Blue: The Cloud Procurement Expert
CIO Review >> vendor

Dr. James Mitchell, CEO

An AWS Solution Provider focused on the financial, as well as the technical, optimization of cloud deployments

UNCOMN, LLC: Optimize Business with AWS Expertise
CIO Review >> vendor

Jason Carter, Founder & President

A public sector AWS partner and vendor that help companies in the DoD and commercial space solve their technical challenges

Spinnaker Support: High-Touch, Surprisingly Affordable Third-Party Oracle Support
CIO Review >> vendor

Bob Harland, SVP of Oracle Global Support Services

The company provides third-party support, managed services, and consulting for Oracle Database, Siebel CRM, and software applications

DBI Software: The Missing Link to Improving Database Performance
CIO Review >> vendor

Scott Hayes, Founder & President

Delivers products that offer a unique and compelling approach to optimizing database performance and monitoring

Spinnaker Support: The New Wave of SAP Support Services
CIO Review >> vendor

Shawn Du Plessis, VP, SAP Global Support Services

A leading global provider of third-party support, managed services, and consulting for on-premise SAP applications

ClearDB: Delivering Database Performance and Scalability for IBM Cloud
CIO Review >> vendor

Allen Holmes, VP, Marketing

Provides MySQL-based cloud database solutions leveraging IBM services

Manzana Group: Driving Loyalty
CIO Review >> vendor

Yury Vronsky, Partner

Offers solutions for managing loyalty programs (Manzana Loyalty) and CRM in a unified Microsoft Dynamics platform

ITCabarique: New Levels of Performance, Security, and Availability
CIO Review >> vendor

Martin Cabarique, CEO

Authorized distributors of Oracle products that Integrates Information Technology and Business Software with a wide range of Oracle solutions

jSonar: Making Big Data Easy and Affordable
CIO Review >> vendor

Chris Brown, Head of Marketing & Strategy

Combines the simplicity of NoSQL, the speed of MPP platforms, and efficient scalability to deliver rapidly deployed large-scale analytical solutions

nClouds: Bolstering DevOps on Cloud
CIO Review >> vendor

JT Giri, CEO

Provides top-notch DevOps services to help businesses thrive in the cloud

Ocean9: Redefining Enterprise Infrastructure through Database-as-a-Service and SAP-as-a-Service
CIO Review >> vendor

Swen Conrad, CEO

Provider of Database-as-a-Service for SAP HANA, Oracle, and MS SQL as well as full SAP-as-a-Service offerings for mission-critical workloads on AWS and Azure

DemandEngine: Enabling Smarter Marketing for Higher Education
CIO Review >> vendor

John Copeland, CEO

Provides marketing automation software, eCRM, and consulting services which enable better decision making processes in higher education

Ascent360: Transforming Data into Revenue
CIO Review >> vendor

Scott Buelter, CEO

Provides an advanced customer data platform enabling businesses to turn data into revenue

Quest Software [NASDAQ: QSFT]
CIO Review >> vendor

Jeff Hawn CEO

Database management software tools that simplify complexity and drive performance

Webyog: MySQL Pioneers
CIO Review >> vendor

Rohit Nadhani, Co-founder & CEO

The company’s database management tools help enterprises, small businesses and developers smartly manage, monitor and optimize their databases

MongoDB: Transform Businesses with Power of Data
CIO Review >> vendor

Eliot Horowitz, CTO & Co-founder

MongoDB is the next-generation database that helps businesses transform their industries by harnessing the power of data

FamTeck: The Dashboard to Reduce IT Costs
CIO Review >> vendor

Conrad Meertins, Co-founder & CEO

Famteck provides software that aggregates real time and predictive analytics through a mobile dashboard with full transparency to executives, management and technical staff