Securimate by Steele Compliance Solutions, Inc.: Consolidating Compliance in Supply Chain
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Eric Lochner, President & CEO

Steele Compliance Solutions, Inc. is a global compliance intelligence firm offering comprehensive third-party due diligence and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions that help organizations comply with regulatory third-party compliance requirements

Pivotal Software: Harnessing Hadoop’s True Potential
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Rob Mee, CEO

Provides Pivotal HDB, a Hadoop native SQL database for data science and machine learning workloads

ClearDB: Robust Database Service for Modern Applications
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Jeff Vogel, President & CEO

A company that provides smart cloud-driven database services for modern applications

Spinnaker Support: Third Party Support Services for Oracle Users
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Bob Harland VP, Oracle Global Support Services

The firm supports off-the-shelf and customized code, tax and regulatory updates, security updates, bug fixes, and a range of technology advisory services

nSoln: Delivering Strategic Guidance and Implementation in the ERP World
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Dibyesh Nandini Chowdhury, Managing Partner

Providing end-to-end solutions and consultation for Oracle PeopleSoft implementation, support, and upgrades

Convergence: Transparency for Alternative Assets
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John Phinney, Chairman & Co-President

A financial technology company focused on the alternative asset management industry, analyzing the business model and infrastructure and providing transparency

the Database Dept.: Solutions that Help Filter Right Prospects
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John Bedwany, CEO

Provider of unique software solutions in the CEM landscape

jSonar: Accelerating NoSQL Analytics
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Ron Bennatan, Co-Founder and CEO

Provides Big Data analytics solutions leveraging JSON for higher productivity, scalability, and simplicity

Analytics Engines: Spearheading Big Data and Analytics Disciplines
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Dr. Ben Greene, CTO

Data Platform software provider for Enterprise Data Integration, Management and Industrialized Analytics, such as business workflow automation, data driven services, real time analytics, etc

Datonix SpA: Fostering Intelligent Decision-Making through Data Unification
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Gianluigi Riccio, CEO

Introduces the fractal data scan engine for high performance Self Service data preparation on large data set

Couchbase: Changing the Contours of Storage
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Bob Wiederhold, President & CEO

Provider of NoSQL Database Server for developers to build enterprise applications on NoSQL using a declarative query language that extends SQL for JSON

Penta Security Systems: The Importance of Choosing the Right Database Encryption Solution
CIO Review >> vendor

Duksoo Kim, CTO

An IT firm that develops cyber security frameworks for businesses through web application, database, and cloud security as well as access control management

All Blue Solutions: BlueMSP-An IBM Focused Managed Database Service Provider
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Des McNamee, Director of Sales

A customer centric technology solution provider of IBM Software

Datavail: Storing Customer Data Securely
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Mark Perlstein, President & CEO

Provides a broad set of database services within a flexible delivery model

JustOne Database: Agile Analytics for Intelligent CEM
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Kate Mitchell, Co-Founder & CEO

Providing the ability to handle extreme volumes of data cost-effectively while unlocking the potential of Customer Experience Management for network operators

ESHA Research:Providing Comprehensive Nutrition Analysis & Labeling Compliance Solutions
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Craig Bennett, CEO

Delivers professional nutritional software tools, data solutions, and services that remove the complexity of product development, labeling, compliance, and workflow integration

Regulatory DataCorp (RDC): The TrustDiligence™ Leader across the GRC Space
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Thomas Obermaier, CEO

Delivers solutions to clients to quickly identify, track, and monitor entities and other counterparties efficiently and effectively

Transitional Data Services: The Data Center and IT Transformation Specialist
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Michael Bullock, President & Co-Founder

Provides software and services to manage the end-to-end process for data center migration and consolidation, network and infrastructure design, and technical operations.

TrialScope: Imbuing Belief and Persistence
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Mike Forgash, CEO

Simplifies the complexities of clinical transparency management

InfoWatch: Securing Data for Financial Institutions
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Vadim Kuznetsov, International Sales Director

Provider of intellectual data protection solutions