TidalScale: Pioneers in Software-Defined Server Technology
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Gary Smerdon, President & CEO

The leading provider of Software-Defined Servers that bring flexibility to modern data centers by right-sizing servers on the fly to fit any data set or workload

Walldorf Consulting: Demystifying SAP S/4HANA Implementation
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Hanno Hofmann, Senior Founder & Managing Partner

A leading consultancy and solution provider of SAP S/4HANA, SAP Cloud, and SAP Leonardo with a specialization in fintech

OutSystems: Low-Code Platform for Faster App Development
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Paulo Rosado, CEO

Combines the power of low-code development with advanced mobile capabilities to enable visual development of entire application portfolios that easily integrate with existing systems

Trisotech- The Digital Enterprise Suite: Embarking into the Digital Age
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Denis Gagné, CEO & CTO

Provides cloud-based technologies enabling non-technical business people,architects and analysts to collaboratively participate in both enterprise and business architecture discovery, modeling and process improvement

Opsani: AI-Driven Continuous Application Performance Optimization
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Ross Schibler, CEO

Provider of AI-based automation for Continuous Optimization of performance/cost ratio in cloud applications

AskLytics Inc: Machine Learning Powered Software Performance Engineering
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Tiago Poola, Founder & CEO

Empowers DevOps with optimizing application performance and reducing IT infrastructure costs using machine learning solutions

Clovity: Enabling Digital Transformation Experience for Connected IoT Devices Powered by CSensorNet
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Anuj Sachdeva, CEO

Provides enterprises with fully integrated device-to-cloud-to-enterprise integration solutions with the outcome to simplify building IoT, Data, Cloud & Digital platforms

QA Mentor: Automated Software Testing with Baseline Excellence
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Ruslan Desyatnikov

QA Mentor is an award-winning leading global provider of QA outsourcing services, headquartered in New York and with eight different offices around the world.

Onshore Outsourcing: Software Quality in a DevOps World
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Shane Mayes, CEO

Delivers secure, reliable, flexible and scalable IT services as tailorfit solutions to your needs

Symbio: Connecting, Engaging, and Amazing Customers with Transformative Digital Services
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Jeff Wu, Global CEO

Symbio, a global digital services company helps firms build innovative software products and transformative digital services that connect, engage, and amaze their customers

Neotys: Accelerating Load and Performance Testing
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Thibaud Bussiere, Co-Founder & President

Provides a superior load and performance testing platform designed to accelerate agile and DevOps processes

Project Insight: Revolutionizing Project Management through Automation
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Steve West, Co-Founder & CEO

Project Insight is more than a project management solution providing teams with the resources needed for better communication, engagement, and overall success

Avid Secure: The Transformational Force That Cloud Security Needs
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Praneet Khare, Co-Founder & VP of Engineering and Deepak Yadav, Co-Founder & Chief Architect, Ganesh Krishnan's, Co-Founder & CTO

Provides an end-to-end AI-based multi-cloud security monitoring, compliance automation, and DevSecOps platform

Stratus10: Bootstrapping Businesses with High-Quality Cloud Solutions
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Oscar Moncada, Co-Founder & CEO

Stratus10 helps clients successfully migrate and manage their infrastructure on Amazon Web Services by designing and building highly-scalable, cost-effective cloud solutions for their businesses

ENSONO: Enter the Year of the Cloud
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Jeff VonDeylen, CEO

Ensono delivers complete hybrid IT solutions, from cloud to mainframe, tailored to each client’s journey

Agile5 Technologies, Inc.: Taking Agile into AWS
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Lisa L. Fritsch, President & CEO and Adam Leach, VP of Operations

Helps clients migrate their IT infrastructure to AWS cost effectively

SDG: At the Leading Edge of Change
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Stephen Sanzone, Director

SDG is a leading provider of technology, consulting and risk management solutions that strengthen enterprise businesses while managing IT risk

QuTech: Tailoring IT Solutions for a Perfect Fit
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Renita Anderson, President

Specializes in cybersecurity, data center management, cloud computing, it service management, program management and it consulting with federal, state, and local governments

Rubicon Red: Reinventing Business with Oracle Cloud
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John Deeb, CEO

Rubicon Red offers dedicated professional and managed services for Oracle Cloud Platform, including application development, integration, process automation, security, and IaaS

Provar: Salesforce Testing, Automated
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Richard Clark, CTO

Provar offers automated, code-free, and integrated Salesforce testing solutions to enterprise organization