Logic Point: Navigating the SAP S/4 HANA Journey - From Vision to Value
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Spencer Brown, CEO

Logic Point is a Digital Foundations company focused on delivering software and solutions to drive successful transformations

Centiq: Optimizing Digital Transformation Using IaC
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Robin Webster, CTO

Delivers Infrastructure as Code to help organizations achieve seamless digital transformation

EON Reality: Augmented Knowledge Transfer
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Mats Johansson, President & CEO

Provides SaaS-based augmented and virtual reality (AVR) platform for enterprise and educational institutes to build, deploy, and scale knowledge-transfer applications

Jetraxx: Unleashing The Power of Data in Aviation
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Shane Stringfellow, President

Jetraxx’s asset management solutions simplify compliance, standardize data, and streamline processes, for up-to-the-minute views into clients’ entire portfolio anytime, anywhere

Trisotech- The Digital Enterprise Suite: Embarking into the Digital Age
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Denis Gagné, CEO & CTO

Provides cloud-based technologies enabling non-technical business people,architects and analysts to collaboratively participate in both enterprise and business architecture discovery, modeling and process improvement

Platform 3 Solutions: Migration, Archival, and Retirement Simplified
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Patrick Benson, Chief Revenue Officer

Provides a portfolio of solutions to migrate, archive, and decommission enterprise applications

Cybertegic: Design and Development Centred Around Digital Marketing
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James Hsieh, President & CEO

With special focuses edge on e-commerce and professional businesses, the company delivers website design and development services that are centered around digital marketing strategies that generate sales

Duxlink Tele-Hospital: A New Technology Platform for High-Risk Population Health Management
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Michael Shen, MD, FACC & CMO

Offers a unique platform with multiple patents to integrate clinical data, wearable/portable technologies and remote services to greatly reduce healthcare costs

Creative Realities [NASDAQ:CREX]: Pioneering Digital Signage 2.0
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Rick Mills, CEO

Specializes in digital signage and designs, develops, and deploys marketing technology experiences

INNERFACE Architectural Signage: Providing Turnkey Wayfinding and Signage Solutions
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Chip Floyd, VP of Sales and Marketing

The company specializes in designing and implementing wayfinding, identificationand brand solutions for businesses

Connectpoint, Inc.: Innovating the Delivery of Information in Transit Systems
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Rick Wood, President and CEO

Offers solar-powered digital signage solution and comprehensive backend capabilities to manage and maintain signs

Seebo: Modeling the Production Line with Machine Learning for Accurate and Actionable Predictive Insights
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Lior Akavia, Co-Founder and CEO

Provides predictive and preventive insights to avoid manufacturing disruptions

Kornit Digital (NASDAQ:KRNT): End-to End Textile Printing Delivered
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Omer Kulka, VP of Global Marketing

Kornit’s revolutionary printing technology stack enables designers, manufacturers, and even retailers to address the ever-changing demands and needs of the textile printing value chain

Barco: Empowering Utilities with Seamless Collaboration
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Suchit Rout, Director Strategic Marketing

A global leader in enabling critical decision making for smart utilities’ control centers

Everest Technologies: Democratizing E-discovery and Digital Forensics
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Brian Wolfinger, CTO and Stacy A. Wolfinger, Co-Owner & Vice President of Security and Services

The firm offers a full range of litigation support and e-discovery management services socializing in digital forensics

Code Avengers: Inculcating Computational Thinking Skills and Digital Fluency
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Hamish Day, CEO

Provides interactive, gamified courses that teach computer coding, digital literacy, and design, through a learn-by-doing approach that aims to be as fun and addictive as computer games

MaxMD: Fostering Standards-Based Communication in Healthcare
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Lisa Nelson, VP of Marketing and Business Development

Provides information technology and interoperability solutions that enable coordinated care for healthcare practices, organizations, hospital systems, and HIT application service providers

HealthPointe Solutions: Cognitive Intelligence for Effective Healthcare
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Mark Anderson, President & COO

Provides solutions to modernize interactions between physicians and patients with cognitive intelligence along with delivering personalized consumer-focused care for individuals in each local market

Carestream Dental: At the Leading Edge of Innovation
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Lisa Ashby, CEO

Provides industry-leading imaging, software, and practice management solutions for dental and oral health professionals

AOPEN America: Future-Ready AIoT Solutions for Seamless Digital Transformation
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Aaron Pompey, General Manager

AOPEN specializes in smart product solutions for on-premises and cloud computing including smart kiosks, machine vision and data capture, and digital signage