PCM-G: Advancing the Education of Generation Z through Technology
CIO Review >> vendor

Phil Mogavero, Vice President HDC Partnerships

Provide lifecycle solutions from consulting, implementation, procurement, and managed services for advancing education for Generation Z

Project Education: Professional Development and Consulting for Student Success
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Mellony Deuel, Co-Founder & Chief Academic Officer

Provides data management software, professional development, and consulting services to school districts to ensure student success

Education Dynamics, Inc.: Making Student Information Management Simple and Easy
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Richard Williams, Director of Software Engineering

Provides an efficient student information system that allows teachers and administrators to track not only student attendance and grades but also all the forms and reports required to run a compliant independent study program

BrightBytes: Delivering Better Outcomes in Education
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Traci Burgess, CEO

Integrates purposeful data across ed tech systems, analyzes results against research-based frameworks, and delivers actionable information that drives learning

Cognixion™: Giving AI-Superpowers to Humans with Disabilities
CIO Review >> vendor

Andreas Forsland, Founder & CEO

Develops AI-based software that people with disabilities can use to express themselves faster and communicate better

Strategic Blue: The Cloud Procurement Expert
CIO Review >> vendor

Dr. James Mitchell, CEO

An AWS Solution Provider focused on the financial, as well as the technical, optimization of cloud deployments

Gold Coast IT Solutions: "An Ironman" Approach toward Big Data
CIO Review >> vendor

Prashanth M. Ramakrishnan, CTO & Co-Founder

The applications and services company offers customer-centric enterprise solutions to help clients succeed in discovering, understanding, and retaining their customers

Eden Technologies: Data Center Migration Made Simple
CIO Review >> vendor

Andrew Sweeney, Managing Partner

The company provides one of the fastest and safest ways to deploy complex technology

InterWeave Smart Solutions: Redefining Field Service Management
CIO Review >> vendor

Bruce Magown, President & CEO

InterWeave Smart Solutions®, the industry’s most comprehensive SaaS, Integration Platform for Cloud integration

BrightBytes: Optimizing Big Data Benefits for Education
CIO Review >> vendor

Tracy Burgess, CEO

Leading ed-tech organization that offers end-to-end data management, from data integration through data analysis, helping educators turn big data into big benefits for students

BlocksCAD: Engaging Students with 3D Learning
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Solomon Menashi, CEO

Offers an intuitive, browser-based, platform for teachers to help students learn math, coding, & design while creating 3D-printable models

RaaWee K12 Solutions: Preventing Chronic Absenteeism and Truancy at Public Schools
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Saleem Qazi, CEO

Offers a robust, intuitive, and highly customizable collaboration software to counteract chronic absenteeism and truancy in schools

CommunityForce: Streamlining Scholarship Application Process
CIO Review >> vendor

Khaja Syed, CEO

Helps foundations and universities automate their entire application lifecycle for Grants and Scholarships awards

SocialMap: Reality Mining for Collaborative Learning
CIO Review >> vendor

Ragnar Behncke, Founder and CEO

Combines social behavioral studies and latest technologies to drive user engagement and team productivity in education and workplaces

Atlas KPI: Data & Medical Practice Management
CIO Review >> vendor

Izhak Musli, CEO

AtlasKPI is a cloud-based software used to increase profitability and productivity by analyzing and displaying operational, marketing and financial data in a highly intuitive, real-time dashboard

The Dark Side of Data Analytics
CIO Review >> vendor

Vijitha Kaduwela, Founder & CEO

Provides Business Analytics Consulting, Software and Solutions for accelerating and scaling enterprise analytics

CloudEnablers: Journey to Cloud Transformation
CIO Review >> vendor

Ezhilarasan (Ez) Natarajan, Founder & CEO

Next generation cloud governance and management platform, CoreStack, empower enterprises to cost-effectively adopt cloud. Through its unique “Cloud as Code” approach, CoreStack accelerates AWS adoption, optimizes consumption and enforces...

Mekoor IP Ventures: Venturing into Next-Gen Education
CIO Review >> vendor

Andy Pulianda, Operations Principal

Develops intellectual property, technologies, and ventures for emerging EDU models serving institutions, individuals, and corporations

The Life Excelerator: Social and Emotional Learning Pioneers
CIO Review >> vendor

Dennis Henegar, Co-Founder & CEO

The Life Excelerator uses unique, proven methodologies and technology to develop and deliver solutions for social and emotional development

Centurion Technologies: Securing Workstations with Robust Next-Gen Technology
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Peter Spezza, CEO

Delivers workstation security management software and advanced ransomware protection technologies for the education sector