Autodesk: Generative Approach towards Designing
CIO Review >> vendor

Carl Bass, CEO

A software company reimagining the Simulation landscape in tune with a transforming manufacturing industry

Rackmount Solutions: Flexibility with Modular Data Centers
CIO Review >> vendor

Tom Currier, President & CEO

A global IT infrastructure company specializing in designing and manufacturing flexible, modular data centers

SpinDance: End-To-End IoT Simplified
CIO Review >> vendor

Mike Ellis, President, Tom Miller, Executive VP and Brian Tol, VP of Engineering

Software Engineers designing, developing and support complex distributed systems behind today’s smart products and simplifying the incorporation of IoT

Salsify: An Agile Approach to Product Information Delivery
CIO Review >> vendor

Adam Ferrari, EVP of Engineering

Offers a product experience management solution that enables brand manufacturers to constantly enhance customer experience and maximize sales performance on the digital shelf

Prometheus Security Group Global (PSG Global): Guardian of Homeland Security & Critical Infrastructure Protection
CIO Review >> vendor

Rick Gross, CEO and Jeremy Freeze-Skret, Vice-President

Provides integrated networked security solutions that allow CIP and Government organizations to secure some of the world’s most critical assets

Prometheus Security Group Global: Homeland Security and the Need for Cyber Aware Solutions
CIO Review >> vendor

Rick Gross, President & CEO

An advanced technology security company with a driven focus on Video and Cyber Security management whose innovative culture develops Cyber Aware solutions which contribute to a strong security foundation within the IoT revolution

Avid Secure: The Transformational Force That Cloud Security Needs
CIO Review >> vendor

Praneet Khare, Co-Founder & VP of Engineering and Deepak Yadav, Co-Founder & Chief Architect, Ganesh Krishnan's, Co-Founder & CTO

Provides an end-to-end AI-based multi-cloud security monitoring, compliance automation, and DevSecOps platform

DemandCaster: Turning Demand Planners into Superheroes
CIO Review >> vendor

Tom Nessen, GM

Helps companies of all sizes and complexity to accurately forecast demand, optimize inventory, support sales & operations planning, and efficiently execute day-to-day operations

Nationwide IT Services: Scalable IT Solutions with the Industry Experts
CIO Review >> vendor

C.K. Park, President & CEO

Providing Enterprise Information Technology Solutions, Program Management Support Services, Software Development, Cyber Security, and Subject Matter Expertise

Juniper Networks: Connecting the World with Simple Networking
CIO Review >> vendor

Rami Rahim, CEO

Juniper is taking a new approach to the network-one that is intelligent,agile, secure and open to any vendor and any network environment

Enterprise Engineering: FinTech Market Experts with Unmatched Big Data Services
CIO Review >> vendor

George Anderson, Founder & CEO

Delivers optimal business outcomes by collaborating with clients on their most challenging data problems

Tributary Systems: Delivering A Better Performing Data Storage Solution
CIO Review >> vendor

Dave Mayberry, Vice President of Software Development, Shawn Sabanayagam, Chairman & CEO, Senary Phommavong, Director of Software Development

Solving the critical problems that are preventing large and small corporations from leveraging the efficiencies of cloud storage today

NGD Systems: Bringing Intelligence to Storage
CIO Review >> vendor

Nader Salessi, CEO

Manufacturing intelligent storage devices that help in running analytics on data and reducing energy density

G2SF: Providing Secure Mobile Access to Services
CIO Review >> vendor

Gregory C. Smith, Founder & CEO

G2SF provides innovative solutions that enhance the effectiveness, security, and mobile access to critical services

Lightspeed Mobile Labs: The Cornerstone of Mobile Application Development
CIO Review >> vendor

Abby Walters, CEO

Creating state-of-the-art Consumer and Enterprise level mobile Apps in Android and Apple iOS platforms for global firms

OnScale: Solving the Toughest Engineering Challenges with HPC
CIO Review >> vendor

Ian Campbell, CEO

Provides solver-as-a-service platform that combines unparalleled CAE software tools and multi-physics solvers with the limitless capabilities of scalable cloud HPC

ASI DATAMYTE: Automation For Excellence in Quality Management
CIO Review >> vendor

Raj Chauhan, CTO & VP of Engineering

ASI DATAMYTE develops innovative quality management solutions aimed at risk mitigation and enhancement of profitability

Claytex: Forerunners of Systems Engineering
CIO Review >> vendor

Mike Dempsey, Managing Director

Develops simulation libraries and modeling solutions for the automotive industry

OnPoint Consulting, Inc.: Commitment towards an Advanced Digital Transformation
CIO Review >> vendor

Tim Smith, President

OnPoint delivers secure IT Infrastructure, Enterprise Systems,Cybersecurity, and Program Management solutions for the U.S. Federal Government

G2SF, INC.: Integrating ITSM in Enterprise Solution Development and Management
CIO Review >> vendor

Gregory C. Smith, CEO & President

Coreservices include Enterprise ITSM, Mobility, Cybersecurity, and IT Engineering