Mainline Information Systems: All-round IT expertise! 3 Decades and Counting...
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Jim Dixon, Mainline VP of Software & Servers

The company is a national, leading information technology solutions and IT consulting firm that also leverages a strategic partnership with IBM for delivering best of breed solutions

Integrity Network Solutions: The Connecting Node
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Rich Barker, President & Owner

Offers network solutions, security solutions and integrity MSP to design and recommend complete networking solutions as per the requirement of client

Juniper Networks: Connecting the World with Simple Networking
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Rami Rahim, CEO

Juniper is taking a new approach to the network-one that is intelligent,agile, secure and open to any vendor and any network environment

3GC Group: Merging Machine Learning and DevOps with Managed Services
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Henry Park Founder, CEO and Chairman

Consulting firm, value added reseller and managed services provider focused on Converged Networks Technologies servicing enterprise organizations globally

Preempt Security: Establishing a Proactive Security Approach
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Ajit Sancheti, CEO

Turning behavioral analytics into real-time action that stops security breaches and insider threats without impacting a business

Limelight Networks [NASDAQ:LLNW]: The Content Delivery Masterminds
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Robert A. Lento, President, CEO & Director

CDN that ensures reliability, consistency, and performance that consumers demand while also providing the security and availability

Skybox Security: Complete Attack Visibility and Intelligence
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Gidi Cohen, CEO

Offers security management with the tools that eliminate attack vectors and secure business data

Wallarm® : DevOps-friendly WAF with Built-in Vulnerability Scanner
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Ivan Novikov, CEO

Delivers next generation WAF and continuous vulnerability scanning in the web application layer, designed to help innovative cloud companies to bring in agile actionable security into their CI/CD DevOps environment

Network Box USA (NWB): Multilayered Threat Protection
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Pierluigi Stella, CTO

Provides Managed Security Service to combat DDoS attacks for a myriad of industries

Labris Networks: Guaranteeing the Mitigation of DDoS Attacks
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Oğuz YILMAZ, CTO & Co-founder

Helps users to mitigate smart Layer 7 DDoS attacks

Topologe: Bridging the Gulf between Management and IT
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Alejandro Sarmiento, CEO

Provides technical consulting, solutions and support to achieve nimble IT infrastructure

Lewan Technology: Mitigating Network Security Complications
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Fred Cannataro, President & CEO

Provider of business technology and managed service that manage organizations printing and IT services

Digital nGenuity: Penny-wise, Be Wise
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Joel Rafuse, Founder

Digital nGenuity provides a complete suite of network management services across all ecosystems

Brocade [NASDAQ:BRCD]: The New IP Revolution
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Llyod Carney, CEO

A provider of networking solutions that help organizations around the globe achieve their most critical business objectives

Penta Security Systems: The Importance of Choosing the Right Database Encryption Solution
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Duksoo Kim, CTO

An IT firm that develops cyber security frameworks for businesses through web application, database, and cloud security as well as access control management

Net Access: Trouncing DDoS Threats to Improve Network Performance
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Raul K. Martynek, CEO

Data Center Service Provider focused on security. Prevents volume-based and stealth-based DDoS attacks by actively monitoring and analyzing the flow of traffic to customers’ infrastructure.

Computex Technology Solutions: Generating Advanced Networking Solution through Juniper
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Sam Haffar, President & CEO

Provides a single unified infrastructure to deliver data reliably and seamlessly, while at the same time enables central management to reduce costs

Blue Chip Tek: Architecting and Implementing Technology Solutions Necessary for Businesses
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Jessica Geis, CEO

A certified partner and reseller of Juniper's Networking products and solutions,providing technical expertise, advanced training and specialization in all of Juniper’s solutions.

Atrion Communications: Resources Empowering Enterprises to Optimize IT Investments
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Pat Grillo, President & CEO

Atrion covers all IT needs by helping companies design and install manageable, scalable and cost effective IT systems through strategic partnerships.

Fortinet: Transcending Traditional Security Requirements
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Andrew Del Matto, CFO

A provider of network security who offers solutions marked by speed and scalability which is in sync with today’s requirements.