Smart Guided Systems: Cultivating Unique Opportunities in Ag-Tech
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Steve Booher, Founder & CEO

Provides intelligent and precision-based solutions for the Ag, horticulture and ground maintenance markets

CropLogic™ Ltd: Optimized Crop Yields through Digital Data
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James Cooper-Jones, CEO

CropLogic is an award-winning global digital ag-tech company specializing in soil moisture management solutions. Our vision is to be the leading provider of powerfully simple actionable intelligence designed for irrigated crop farmers to minimize...

OPTEL: Building Intelligent Supply Chains
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Louis Roy, Founder & President

Provides traceability solutions and optimizes supply chain performance for the food & beverage industry

Kuecker Logistics Group: Spearheading Facility Automation
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Jim Kuecker, Vice President of Sales

Offers innovative solutions to suit clients' needs for integrated material handling systems

Logix Controls: Innovators in Refrigeration Energy Management
CIO Review >> vendor

Mark Ghan, General Manager

Provides customized industrial refrigeration energy management systems that help to reduce operating costs and improve plant productivity in the food and beverage sector

SimpleC: Reinventing the Approach to Behavioral Therapy
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Dan Pompilio, President & CEO

The company leverages IBM Watson’s cognitive intelligence capabilities to counter cognitive depreciation in the elderly

Mainline Information Systems: Experience Technology with Innovation
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Jeff Dobbelaere, VP

Mainline actively partners and collaborates with IBM to deliver significant value through groundbreaking and innovative IT solutions

TRADESPARENT: Holistic Solutions Provider for Commodity and Risk Managers
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Norbert Verhagen, Managing Director

TRADESPARENT offers a commodity risk and margin specific business intelligence platform, which serves as a convergence point of data from multiple sources

BOARD International: Ushering a New Era of Decision-Making
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Scott Jennings, Managing Director

Unifies Business Intelligence, Performance Management, and Predictive Analytics into a single decision-making EPM platform

Zedi: Full-Stack IIoT-as-a-Service
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James Freeman CTO & President, New Ventures

Helping customers realize their oil and gas production potential through software and automation solutions technology backed by expert services

Delaget: Run Smarter, More Profitable Restaurants
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Jason Tober, CEO

Delaget helps restauranteurs run smarter, more profitable operations through advanced loss prevention, unit-level analytics, enterprise reporting, and expert accounting support

SafetyChain Software: Disruptive Technology for the Food & Beverage Industry
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Barry Maxon, President

Provides cloud-based solutions to automate and improve food safety and quality in the supply chain

ATSG Corporation: Cognitive Computing Meets EA
CIO Review >> vendor

Patrick McCollum, President & CEO

Provides professional, technical, scientific, management, and administrative support services, from entry-level to subject matter expert to federal agencies

Motus: Accurate Mileage Reimbursement
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Craig Powell, President & CEO

Offers a mobile, cloud-based solution that automates mileage capture and calculates fair & accurate mileage reimbursements

Cirrus Tech, Inc.: Augmenting Warehouse Capacity
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Darrell Dunham, President

Provides software, automation and capacity augmentation solutions for warehouses

Open Systems: The All-in-one Food ERP Software
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Dr. Michael Bertini, CEO

Provider of flexible and affordable food manufacturing software for making smart business decisions

Icologiq EQMS: The EQMS that Delivers Improved Quality and Instant Cost Savings
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Peer Reinhard, CEO & Founder

Icologiq has created a smart, easy-to-use and mobile EQMS solution

EtQ: Driving Quality Management through Comprehensive Data
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Morgan Palmer, CTO

A comprehensive quality, EHS, Food Safety, and compliance management software provider

Gunnison Consulting Group: Optimized Testing for Increased Productivity
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Vilinda McCann, Director QA & Testing

Implements a wide range of testing and automation programs for commercial businesses and federal agencies

Chatsworth Products (CPI): Built-to-order IT Infrastructure
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Michael Custer, CEO

Addressing today’s critical IT infrastructure needs with products and services that protect the ever-growing investment in information and communication technology