ZM Interactive: Defying Flight-time and Payload Limitations
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Ziv Marom, Founder & CEO

Offers robust drone models and solutions for helicopter-level applications in film-making, cargo, search and rescue, geo-mapping, and more

Skypersonic: Bringing the Airfield Indoors
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Giuseppe Santangelo, CEO

A research and design engineering company providing autonomous systems and vehicle technology services to the aerospace and automotive industries

Cascade Financial Technology Corp: Fast Responsive Program Manager
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Spencer Schmerling, CEO and John Bamforth, CTO

Cascade’s technology and US-Based support enable FinTech and non-FinTech companies to launch new products faster

FlywheelAEC: Unleashing High-Precision Drone Capabilities
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Dustin Williams, CEO & Founder

It improves the existing processes of your project, addressing complex problems with innovative and cutting edge solutions

dotin: Find the Culturally “Aligned” Talent
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Ganesh Iyer, Founder & CEO

A team of passionate technologists from Silicon Valley who are dedicated to understanding the art of decisions made by the subconscious mind to yield powerful business outcomes

TXI Systems: Automating Tow Dispatch and Impound Management
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Jeff Pesnell, COO

Provides solutions that automate tow dispatch to minimize the response time and streamline impound management process

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Gabriel Pinchev, CEO

Provides a business management software that makes it easy for clients to manage customers, schedule jobs, create estimates and invoices, track employee time and location

IFS: The Future of Field Service Management
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Darren Roos, CEO

Develops and delivers enterprise software for customers around the world who manufacture and distribute goods, maintain assets, and manage service-focused operations

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David C. Adams, CEO

Designs and manufactures highly engineered, advanced technologies that perform critical functions in demanding conditions in the commercial, industrial, defense, and energy markets

RESSON: Predictive Analytics for Growers
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Jeff Grammer, CEO

RESSON is a bioinformatics and predictive analytics company that uses large scale data analytics, to help growers boost productivity and profits with near real-time predictive analysis for crop management

The Context Network: Helping Clients Seize Opportunities in AgTech
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Mike Borel, Principal, Doug Griffin, Principal, Mark Nelson, Principal, Tray Thomas, Principal and James Mann, Principal

A partner for advancing agriculture, Context delivers management and consulting services to organizations around the world in the Food and Agriculture Industry, including AgTech

iTraq: Driving Business Value through Location Tracking
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Roman Isakov, Co-Founder & CEO

Provides customized global location tracking devices powered by IoT platform

Harmonic Consulting: Full Stack IoT Solutions backed by Rich IT/OT Expertise
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Brandon Acuff, President and Rick Rowley, EVP of Cloud and Support Services

Harmonic Consulting is paving the way forward for enterprises to leverage modern sensor technology, cutting-edge wireless connectivity, and data analytics—the three necessary ingredients for IoT realization

Radius Networks: State-of-the-art ProximityTech for Customer Engagement
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Marc Wallace, Co-founder & CEO

Offers an advanced location detection platform that enables companies to locate and engage customers effectively

PenguinData:Vanguards of the Workforce Management Space
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Michael W. Enters, COO

PenguinData’s Emperor Suite of Modules renders a comprehensive management system that aids its clients in automating and standardizing valuable business data and work more efficiently

ProcedureFlow: Expert Knowledge at Your Fingertips
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Daniella Degrace, CEO

ProcedureFlow is a cloud-based knowledge management product that helps employees become experts faster. The company helps businesses and organizations be the best they can be. Unlike static documents and knowledge base articles, ProcedureFlow is a...

Seisan: Reinventing Geospatial Technology
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Charles Durham, President

Provides enterprise-level indoor mapping and asset and fleet tracking solutions to reduce the cost of reparation, improve end-customer satisfaction, and increase profitability

CreateASoft: Reimagining Process-Driven Workflows
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Hosni Adra, Managing Partner and Process Improvement Manager

CreateASoft, helps process intensive institutions with a purpose-built simulation tool, Simcad and its conjugate suite of solutions for real time monitoring and predictive analytics

Crux Informatics: The Refinery Driving Data ROI
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Philip Brittan, CEO

This cloud service eliminates the burdens of data by enriching it for each client’s needs

PhotoSat: Improving Mine Surveying Safety and Accuracy
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Gerry Mitchell, President

Engineering quality satellite surveys of hundreds of square kilometres accurate to better than 15cms