Mainline Information Systems: All-round IT expertise! 3 Decades and Counting...
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Jim Dixon, Mainline VP of Software & Servers

The company is a national, leading information technology solutions and IT consulting firm that also leverages a strategic partnership with IBM for delivering best of breed solutions

Lore IO: Automated Data Preparation using Smart Algorithms
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Digvijay Lamba, Founder & CEO

Helps companies to automate the preparation and integration of data from disparate sources

Infonex Technologies: Unraveling the Complexity of Big Data
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Afzal Ebrahim, CEO

Offers Datameer-Analytics—an ingenious end-to-end big data solution— purpose-built to abstract the complexity of Hadoop

Enterprise Engineering: FinTech Market Experts with Unmatched Big Data Services
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George Anderson, Founder & CEO

Delivers optimal business outcomes by collaborating with clients on their most challenging data problems

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John Donahoe, CEO

A cloud computing company that delivers digital experience to people to help them to perform best in their work

Securonix: Triumphing the Security Maze in Cloud
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Sachin Nayyar CEO

Provides a complete cloud-to-cloud security model along with actionable security analytics

ActiveEon: Best Scheduler & Orchestrator Suite for Big Compute in AWS
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Denis Caromel, Founder & CEO

Scheduler, Orchestrator, Workflow Automation for AWS

CloudEnablers: Journey to Cloud Transformation
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Ezhilarasan (Ez) Natarajan, Founder & CEO

Next generation cloud governance and management platform, CoreStack, empower enterprises to cost-effectively adopt cloud. Through its unique “Cloud as Code” approach, CoreStack accelerates AWS adoption, optimizes consumption and enforces...

AmperAXP: Simplifying AI Integrations
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Arun Hiremath, Co-founder & CEO

Provides a platform that can rapidly design, develop, and deploy AI, using a low-code platform

Technology Services Group: Disrupting ECM with Open Source and the Cloud
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Dave Giordano, Founder & President

Provides open source software products and consulting services to Fortune 500 to maximize their enterprise content management investments

xFusion Technologies: Transforming Data into Knowledge and Wisdom
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Sanjib Nayak, Founder & CEO

Provides end-to-end solution for data visualization platform that integrates, interoperates, and analyzes data to derive insights

Stratifyd: The Next Generation of AI Powered Analytics
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Derek Wang, Founder & CEO

Provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered data analytics platform that unifies and visualizes structured and unstructured datasets from multiple sources

RM Dayton Analytics: Enhance Customer Engagement from the Inside Looking Out
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Robert Dayton, Managing Partner

RM Dayton is a team building company focused on business analytics, data science, and big data

eccenca GmbH: Semantic Data Management to Build Agile Emprises
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Hans-Christian Brockmann, CEO

The company’s novel semantic meta data management offerings help organizations create the logical abstraction necessary to disrupt current data challenges, reduce complexity and drive innovation

Agilisium: Harnessing Data to Accelerate Business Agility
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Raj Babu, Founder & Head of Customer Success

A digital system integrator that helps businesses grow by delivering actionable insights via big data on cloud platforms

Fierce Software: Catapulting Innovation In Federal Sector
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Eric Updegrove, CEO

Helping federal agencies and government institutes through the provision of Red Hat’s premier, enterprise-ready open-source solutions and technologies

MarkLogic: Driving New User Experiences
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Gary Bloom, President & CEO

MarkLogic is an operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database platform which integrates a firm’s critical data and builds innovative applications on a 360-degree view of that data

DeepSingularity: The Road to SAP Enterprise Machine Learning
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Dr. Ganapathi Pulipaka, Founder & CEO

DeepSingularity provides SAP consulting with methodologies and accelerators to meet the growing demand of end-to-end integration of SAP Enterprise systems

Datavard: Modernizing the SAP Landscape
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Goetz Lessmann, Managing Partner & Chief Service Officer

Datavard offers solutions in the fields of restructuring, data management and system management of SAP solutions

vScaler: Delivering Performance on Enterprise Cloud
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David Power, CTO

A company offering an application specific, software-defined infrastructure cloud platform to HPC, Broadcast, Big Data, and Finance organizations