human resource

Aatrix Software: Redefining Payroll Reporting
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Steve Lunseth, CEO

Leading provider of Electronic Payroll Reports and eFiling to accounting software for businesses of all sizes

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Brad Garlinghouse, CEO

Provides global financial settlement solutions to exchange value like information is exchanged, giving rise to an Internet of Value (IoV)

Ceridian: Road to HR Excellence
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Warren Perlman, CIO

A global HCM technology company that focuses on helping organizations save time and money, increase employee engagement and productivity

Blytheco: Modernizing Businesses on Sage Platform
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Stephen P. Blythe, CEO

Delivers successful Sage solutions through proven implementation methodology with a superior client experience

Reflik: Crowdsourcing to Fill Job Vacancies
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Ashish Vachhani, Co-founder & CEO

Filling job vacancies through independent recruiters and everyday users and social media networks

CheckPoint HR: All-in-One Solution from Recruitment to Retirement
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Tim Padva, CEO & President

Combines payroll, HR management services and benefits with a web-based Human Resource Management System (HRMS) technology

UNIT4 Business Software: Business Software That Embraces Change
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Shelley Zapp, President & CEO

A global business software and services company that creates delivers and supports adaptable business softwareand services globally.

Succeed to Lead: Supporting Leaders by Providing Resources to Build the Organization
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Dr. Byron Cherry, COL, US Army Retired, CEO

A provider of Consulting in Financial Management, Logistics Management, Information Technology, Cyber Security, Leadership Development and Training for many industries

Phytorion: Fully Integrated, Customized Data Warehouse Solutions
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Yiorgos Marathias, President & CEO

Providing data warehouse and analytics solutions for organizations in higher education and K-12.

Mangrove Software: Bringing Flexibility and Functionality to Human Capital Management
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Richard Cangemi, CEO

Delivering the flexibility and functionality businesses need to manage their employees, including recruitment, HR management and compliance, benefits management, and online enrollment

HighGround: Bringing Transparency through Employee Engagement
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Sandhir, Founder & CEO

HighGround is an employee engagement software company, assisting companies with change management and employee recognition.

Evolution HCM: Providing End-to-End HCM Solutions in a Single Platform
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David Meagher, President

Provides an end-to-end, single-source solution with payroll and tax, on boarding, HR administration, employee and manager portals, time and labor management, and analytics

Archive Systems: The Cloud Based Solution for Human Resources
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Gordon Rapkin, CEO

Provides a complete suite of solutions for the paper to digital conversion process. From physical paper storage, all the in-between, to the digital document management cloud solution

OrangeHRM: Open Source Software for Seamless Human Resource Management
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Sujee Saparamadu, CEO

OrangeHRM offers open source HRM solution for small and medium enterprises.

Infionic: A Seamless Solution for Efficient Project Management Operations
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Subramanyam S.P., Founder and CEO

Provider of web-based enterprise software that links cross-functional data seamlessly across projects for making quicker decisions and simplifying the process

Ascend Integrated: Technology Solutions, INC (Ascend) Integrating the Enterprise
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Michael Brown, Founder

A specialty IT consulting and social media marketing consulting firm—providing fresh approach to system implementation and marketing.

Kavi Associates: Helping Clients Lead with Analytics
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Vijitha Kaduwela, Founder & CEO

A boutique business analytics solutions company that provides solutions to automate data driven decision-making

Assai Management Consulting: Bridging the Gap between Strategy and Execution
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Fredrick Redd, CEO

A company that provides strategy, implementation and execution management services with a performance improvement focus for transportation, technology, energy/power, and construction sectors

Verificient Technologies: Fostering Credibility for Online Education with Proctorless Remote Monitor
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Tim Dutta, Co-Founder & CEO

Verificient Technologies is a SaaS company specializing in fully scalable on demand continuous identity verification and authentication solutions through machine learning and biometrics.

Tools4ever: Cost-effective Way to Manage the User Account Lifecycle
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Dean Wiech, MD

Tools4ever offers a combination of robust software and consulting services in the Identity and Access Management market.