Cybersecurity Today, 2020 and Beyond
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Rizwan Hafeez, Managing Director, Information Technology, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting computer systems, networks, and software programs from digital attacks.

Get Back to your Security Program Fundamentals
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Erik Hart, Chief Information Security Officer, Cushman & Wakefield

Before you invest in a new tool or platform, take time to assess your security program.

The New Cold War in Cyberspace
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Liza Massey, CIO, County of Marin

While a recent study found that only a quarter of security events come from within, organizations consider employees the greatest security risk

If You Can Secure It Here…
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Mike Krygier, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer for Urban Technology, New York City

Two years ago, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio signed an Executive Order establishing New York City Cyber Command.

Top 3 ITSM Trends Revolutionizing Enterprises Market
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The rapid growth of cybercrime in the last year resulted in the corporations becoming more obsessed with data protection and security.

This is a Brave New World
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Richard Mendoza, Director, Data Privacy & Regulatory Compliance, Realogy Holdings Corp

The most over used phrase in this brave new world of the never-ending mission to monetize information is that “Data is the new Gold Rush”.

The Evolving Roles and Responsibilities of CISOs
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James Shira, Network & US Chief Information & Technology Officer, PWC

Companies want the leader; they respect the expert, but they need the leader. And CISOs of today and tomorrow who recognize this will distinguish themselves within their organization and beyond.

No Software Patch to fix Communication Bugs and Flaws between CIOs and Boards
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Scott T. Mathis, CISO, RBC Bank US

The Form 10-K provides just about everything you'd want or need to know about a company's financial statements, core operations and business models, core business processes and mission critical revenue streams

The Impact Of Legacy Systems
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David Carter, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Commonwealth of Kentucky

The term legacy in the world of information technology generally elicits an array of responses- -rarely positive.

How To Build Your Infosecurity Team
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Kevin Burns, CISO, Draper

one of the challenges all CISOs face in this current information security employment market is building a team and infrastructure that can anticipate and address the numerous and varied information security challenges.

IAM - An Information Security Enabler
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Tim Skinner, Director Information Security, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

There are new technology standards, tools, and architectures needed that many traditional IAM programs may not have. If your organization has not recently done an IAM strategy and gap analysis for your IAM program, now is the time

Ways to fortify cybersecurity in Retail Industry
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Simple compliance, mitigating fraud, and theft, protection of sensitive data and servers, secure digital assets at an end to end security protects your data and assets before, during and after a cyber attack.

How to Protect Corporate Data in a BYOD environment
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The benefits of BYOD equalize by the serious challenges it presents concerning the company’s data.

A Different but Effective Approach to Preventing a Cyber Breach
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Sergio Pinon, Senior Vice President & Director of Security, Ocean Bank

Apply the continued process of Identify, Protect, Detect and Respond and you should be in good shape to prevent a breach

Five Best Practices for DevOps Automation
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Open source libraries and frameworks play a crucial role in the DevOps environment that emphasizes the shorter development lifecycles, collaboration, and innovation.

A Planning Guide for Identity and Access Management
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Ravi Thatavarthy, Information Security Officer, iRobot

In the digital era, a compromise or an unauthorized access of employee identity means lot more beyond compromise of organizational assets.

Cyber Threat Risk and Response for the CIO in the Oil and Gas Sector
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Jonathan Coombes, CISO, Marathon Petroleum Corporation

No panacea exists to eliminate cyber threats and risks to the O&G sector

Calculating the Value of Essential, Yet Intangible, Data Challenges
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Scott Gilbert, Chief Information Officer, Marsh & McLennan Companies

The key to properly insuring and mitigating data risks is to first dig much deeper than headlines on data breaches.

In Defense of the Three Lines of Defense
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Bob Ganim, CISO, Mizuho Americas

The Three Lines of Defense is one of the most important steps toward a more secure cyber environment that an organization can adopt.

Management Systems Ensure Social Responsibility
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Holly Duckworth, Chief Learning Officer, Kaiser Aluminum

Quality Management System requires an understanding of the social environments and any issues that may be relevant to management systems outcomes.