information security

ITEGRITI: Integrated Cybersecurity and Compliance Management Services
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Michael Sanchez, President

Provides distinctive advisory services and actionable recommendations to help companies manage risks more effectively by improving their cybersecurity, audit and compliance programs

Modus: Access, Discover, and Manage only What's Relevant
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Steve Horan, CEO & Executive Chairman

eDiscovery solution provider that helps both law firms and corporate clients discover relevant and intelligent data in a cost effective manner

Prometheus Security Group Global (PSG Global): Guardian of Homeland Security & Critical Infrastructure Protection
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Rick Gross, CEO and Jeremy Freeze-Skret, Vice-President

Provides integrated networked security solutions that allow CIP and Government organizations to secure some of the world’s most critical assets

The Garrett Group: Tailor-Made Cybersecurity with Intelligence-Driven Solutions
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Andrew Munger, CTO & Director of Cybersecurity

Offers intelligence and cybersecurity services to government and non-government organizations and eliminates vulnerabilities within critical infrastructures

Black Hills Information Security: Security with a Difference
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John Strand, Owner & Security Analyst

Creates specialized and innovative security solutions while adding knowledge and imparting education to the security community

System 1, Inc.: Global Standard for Infrastructure Protection
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John Abeles Founder, President & CEO

System 1, Inc. earned its place as a boutique consultancy creating proactive solutions for assurance and resilience in infrastructure protection. From its inception, System 1, Inc. has since expanded its services in all areas of cybersecurity...

Zyston: Trusted Services for Security Program Maturity
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Richard Dorough, Principal and Craig Stamm, President & CEO

An information security solutions company providing businesses the comprehensive range of end-to-end services required to build and operate mature, cost-effective security programs

Catalytic Data Science: Spearheading Innovation in Life Sciences
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Scott Sacane, Founder & CEO

Integrated knowledge management and informatics platform that uses configurable architecture and composable workflows for life sciences innovation

Nasdaq BWise: Navigating the GRC Journey
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Adena Friedman, President & CEO of Nasdaq

Provides an enterprise-grade Governance, Risk and Compliance management solution to administer all aspects of the compliance on a holistic level

ComplianceForge: Working Smarter, Not Harder for Comprehensive Cybersecurity Documentation
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Beverly Cornelius, Partner & Co-Founder

Expedites the process of getting and staying compliant through innovative, best-in-class cybersecurity and privacy compliance documentation that addresses multiple statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements

Advanced Cyber Security: The New Perimeter in Security Starts at the Keystroke
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Craig “CJ” Brunet, Chief Information Security Officer

ACS offers encryption at the keystroke layer and protects any data transmitted by the endpoint

Basefarm: Passion for transforming IT Services
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Fredrik Ohlsen, CEO

Provider of high-quality IT management services that manage the complexities of operations and integration of mission-critical and legacy systems

Hakdefnet: Risk Intelligence for Enhanced Enterprise Security
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Michael Goedeker, Founder & CEO

Hakdefnet offers pragmatic and scaleable risk intelligence and risk management capabilities to enterprises

Information Security Services: Compact Companion for Resilient BYOD Policies
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Randy Lahti, Co-founder & Security Partner

Provider of USB based encrypted and secure BYOD solutions

Veratics - ALM: Cyber Strategy Meets Agile Execution
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Tony Galluscio, President

Focuses on agile software development with emphasis on cyber security with experience in government, IT healthcare and commercial IT

Cierant Corporation: Pushing the Envelope of Marketing Execution
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James R. Cioban, CTO

Providing data-driven marketing solutions to increase marketing effectiveness, enhance operational efficiency, and drive increased customer loyalty

STEALTHbits: Nipping Breaches at the Bud
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Steve Cochran, Founder & CEO

Secures an organization’s information by defending against credential abuse and controlling access to data

Symantec [NASDAQ:SYMC]: Securing an Information-driven World
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Greg Clark, CEO

Symantec offers strategic and integrated solutions to defend against sophisticated attacks across endpoints, cloud and infrastructure

Awnix: OpenStack Power with SDN
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Rick Kundiger, Founder & CEO

Provider of engineered systems for OpenStack with Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Abacode: Cyber Security for the C-Suite
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Michael Ferris, CEO

Provides pure Cybersecurity services and risk-based solutions for growing companies