knowledge management

Guru: With Guru, You’re Always in the Know
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Mitchell Stewart, Co-Founder & CTO and Rick Nucci, Co-Founder & CEO

Guru is a Knowledge Management Network, utilizing AI to make sales, support, and customer success teams better at their jobs. By empowering the mentioned teams in-context with the knowledge that is needed to respond to customer questions, the...

Working KnowledgeCSP: Creating Value from Knowledge
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Bill Kaplan, Founder

Working Knowledge is a globally acclaimed source for practical and innovative knowledge management (KM) solutions that solve the clients’ toughest knowledge challenges. The firm co-delivers with its client's comprehensive consulting services for...

SABIO GmbH: Using Integration to Deliver Knowledge across Applications
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Hendrik Buske, Head of Sales & Marketing

SABIO Knowledge offers customer advisory services and other business entities, where knowledge is a key component, a browser-based ‘knowledge and information management solution. SABIO supports over 100,000 Users in more than 120 Companies to...

CITSmart: The Complete IT Management Solution
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Emauri Gaspar, CEO

CITSmart extends a single integrated platform which facilitates the management of an entire company workflow for ensuring service excellence to businesses. The CITSmart platform is one among the most complete solutions available for the management...

CoSolutions, Inc.: Drivers of Operational Excellence
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Donald Plebuch, SVP

Headquartered in Sterling, VA, CoSolutions is a Federal IT services contractor. The firm is well-positioned to enable trusted and high-quality IT services to federal and general consumers across various sectors including infrastructure security,...

Knosys: Crafting a Repository of Knowledge
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John Thompson, CEO

Knosys provides a knowledge platform for better customer service by ensuring that employees are always presenting customers with accurate and correct information

BroadVision [NASDAQ:BVSN]: Embracing Digital Disruption through Knowledge
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Dr. Pehong Chen, CEO

Allows organizations to handle all their communication and collaboration needs, while capturing real-time knowledge at the source

WhoKnows: Analyzing Organizational Talents and Knowledge Gaps
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Chris Macomber, CEO

Provider of knowledge management solutions along with people analytics and intelligent collaboration within the work environment

FireOak Strategies: Unleashing the Power of Organizational Knowledge
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Abby Clobridge, Founder & Consultant

A boutique consulting firm enhancing organizations’ approaches to knowledge management, information management, and information security

NuVeda: Impacting KM Space through Continuous Learning
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Dr. Balasubramanian Krishnan, CEO

e-learning services positioned to supply the best e-learning experience in the industry

Enterprise Knowledge: Derive Real Business Value with Knowledge Management
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Zach Wahl, CEO

A services firm that integrates Knowledge Management, Information Management, Information Technology, and Agile approaches to deliver comprehensive solutions

Seismic: Broadening UC Framework into Business Processes
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Greg Walsh, Founder & CEO & Phani Karra, Co-Founder & COO

A facilitator in fulfilling complex business requirements for the manufacturers, distributors and VAR’s of technology products and services

Veracity Consulting
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Angela Hurt, CEO & Founder

Provides value added expertise in the development and use of IT to expand and improve their organization’s business processes

Brainspace: Collective Intelligence at the Fingertips of Everyone
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Dave Copps, Founder & CEO

Brainspace is involved in re-inventing the way companies learn, discover and seek and, curate knowledge by intelligently bringing people and content together.

Hivemine:Bringing Collaboration to Digital Transformation
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Peter Holland, President & CEO

Provider of social business software products—AskMe, which delivers business-ready social media tools, to help organizations to speed innovation, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

Knosys: Streamlining Business Process with Knowledge Management Platform
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Ashley Gall, CEO

Enterprise grade software platform for large customer service and support organizations.

K2: Streamline Workflows through Robust Business Applications
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Adriaan van Wyk, CEO

Improves workflow through enterprise-class platform that facilitates building business applications in a more efficient and easier way.

GoodData: Combining Cloud and BI for Actionable Insights
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Jeff Morris VP, Product Marketing

Provides a cloud-based business intelligence and big data analytics platform that supports data governance, security, and data discovery.

piXlogic: Analyzing Visual Data to Increase Revenues
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Joseph Santucci, President & CEO

Provider of software solutions that make media searchable by automatically analyzing and recognizing the contents of images and videos.

Edwards Project Solutions: Coherent Project Management Solutions for Resilient Business
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Steven S. Edwards, Founder, CEO

Edwards Project Solutions is a small business concentrated on project management and advanced business consulting solutions. We focus on enhancing the capabilities of Government Agencies, Commercial Firms, and Non-Profit Organizations, ensuring...