knowledge management

Guru: With Guru, You’re Always in the Know
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Mitchell Stewart, Co-Founder & CTO and Rick Nucci, Co-Founder & CEO

Guru creates an active revenue empowerment network inside an organization, where knowledge flies from one employee to another in real time and generates measurable value

Working KnowledgeCSP: Creating Value from Knowledge
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Bill Kaplan, Founder

Delivers sustainable and purpose-fit knowledge management solutions that help clients create value from their knowledge to continuously improve their business and operational performance throughout all levels of the organization

SABIO GmbH: Using Integration to Deliver Knowledge across Applications
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Hendrik Buske, Head of Sales & Marketing

Provides a knowledge and information management solution that promotes user acceptance by simplifying complex technologies

CITSmart: The Complete IT Management Solution
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Emauri Gaspar, CEO

Provides a single integrated platform that allows managing an entire company workflow for delivering service excellence to businesses

CoSolutions, Inc.: Drivers of Operational Excellence
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Donald Plebuch, SVP

Provide innovative technology applications with high quality support services that enhance federal customer mission operations

Knosys: Crafting a Repository of Knowledge
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John Thompson, CEO

Knosys provides a knowledge platform for better customer service by ensuring that employees are always presenting customers with accurate and correct information

BroadVision [NASDAQ:BVSN]: Embracing Digital Disruption through Knowledge
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Dr. Pehong Chen, CEO

Allows organizations to handle all their communication and collaboration needs, while capturing real-time knowledge at the source

WhoKnows: Analyzing Organizational Talents and Knowledge Gaps
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Chris Macomber, CEO

Provider of knowledge management solutions along with people analytics and intelligent collaboration within the work environment

FireOak Strategies: Unleashing the Power of Organizational Knowledge
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Abby Clobridge, Founder & Consultant

A boutique consulting firm enhancing organizations’ approaches to knowledge management, information management, and information security

NuVeda: Impacting KM Space through Continuous Learning
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Dr. Balasubramanian Krishnan, CEO

e-learning services positioned to supply the best e-learning experience in the industry

Enterprise Knowledge: Derive Real Business Value with Knowledge Management
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Zach Wahl, CEO

A services firm that integrates Knowledge Management, Information Management, Information Technology, and Agile approaches to deliver comprehensive solutions

Seismic: Broadening UC Framework into Business Processes
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Greg Walsh, Founder & CEO & Phani Karra, Co-Founder & COO

A facilitator in fulfilling complex business requirements for the manufacturers, distributors and VAR’s of technology products and services

Veracity Consulting
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Angela Hurt, CEO & Founder

Provides value added expertise in the development and use of IT to expand and improve their organization’s business processes

Brainspace: Collective Intelligence at the Fingertips of Everyone
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Dave Copps, Founder & CEO

Brainspace is involved in re-inventing the way companies learn, discover and seek and, curate knowledge by intelligently bringing people and content together.

Hivemine:Bringing Collaboration to Digital Transformation
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Peter Holland, President & CEO

Provider of social business software products—AskMe, which delivers business-ready social media tools, to help organizations to speed innovation, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

Knosys: Streamlining Business Process with Knowledge Management Platform
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Ashley Gall, CEO

Enterprise grade software platform for large customer service and support organizations.

K2: Streamline Workflows through Robust Business Applications
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Adriaan van Wyk, CEO

Improves workflow through enterprise-class platform that facilitates building business applications in a more efficient and easier way.

GoodData: Combining Cloud and BI for Actionable Insights
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Jeff Morris VP, Product Marketing

Provides a cloud-based business intelligence and big data analytics platform that supports data governance, security, and data discovery.

piXlogic: Analyzing Visual Data to Increase Revenues
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Joseph Santucci, President & CEO

Provider of software solutions that make media searchable by automatically analyzing and recognizing the contents of images and videos.

Edwards Project Solutions: Coherent Project Management Solutions for Resilient Business
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Steven S. Edwards, Founder, CEO

Edwards Project Solutions is a small business concentrated on project management and advanced business consulting solutions. We focus on enhancing the capabilities of Government Agencies, Commercial Firms, and Non-Profit Organizations, ensuring...