QDiscovery: Customer-Centric eDiscovery Solutions
CIO Review >> vendor

Donna Epes, Director of Client Services

Offers a full suite of sophisticated eDiscovery and forensic solutions with a laser-focus on customer service

Clio: A New-Age Legal Practice Management Solution
CIO Review >> vendor

Jack Newton, Co-Founder & CEO

Provides a cloud-based legal practice management solution to law firms across the globe

OpenText: Unleash the Power of Information
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Mark J. Barrenechea, CEO & CTO

OpenText is the solution provider for EIM products, which enable businesses to grow faster, lower operational costs, and reduce information governance and security risks by improving business insight, impact, and process speed. OpenText enables...

Network Affiliates Inc.: A Compliant and Conversion-Focused Approach toward Online Presence
CIO Review >> vendor

Emily Frickey, Director, Digital Marketing

Pioneers in the legal marketing industry committed to providing quality digital environments

Acorn Legal Solutions: Analytics Gateway to E-discovery
CIO Review >> vendor

Lia Majid, CEO

Acorn provides advanced analytics for documentation review and educational guidance for e-discovery

Bloomberg Law: Spearheading Legal Research with Integrated, Data-Driven Solutions
CIO Review >> vendor

Scott Mozarsky, President

Provides an AI and data analytics-enhanced legal research and business intelligence platform

SimpleLegal: Simplifying Financials for Corporate Legal Teams
CIO Review >> vendor

Nathan Wenzel, CEO and Co-Founder

Modern legal operations software that serves as the system of record for corporate legal departments

Nexidia: Spearheading Innovation in Audio Discovery
CIO Review >> vendor

Ashley Griggs, Director, Legal Markets

A speech and interactive analytics software company, offering leading AudioDiscovery solutions through patented phonetic indexing and search technology

Red-on-line: Securing EHS Compliance Globally
CIO Review >> vendor

Laurent Pitoun, Founder & CEO

Provides comprehensive compliance solutions for global companies

Peppermint Technology: Reinventing Customer Experience in Legal Services
CIO Review >> vendor

Arlene Adams, CEO

Provides cloud solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM specifically tailored for the legal services arena

BOARD International: Ushering a New Era of Decision-Making
CIO Review >> vendor

Scott Jennings, Managing Director

Unifies Business Intelligence, Performance Management, and Predictive Analytics into a single decision-making EPM platform

Confident Governance: Democratizing Governance Processes Worldwide
CIO Review >> vendor

Bhavesh Bhagat, Co-founder & Chairman

An Enterprise Cloud Governance company

Coseer: The Cognitive Computing Accurists
CIO Review >> vendor

Praful Krishna, CEO

Coseer builds cognitive computing technology to automate routine enterprise decisions for language based workflows

Morae Legal: Igniting Business Performance
CIO Review >> vendor

Shahzad Bashir, President & CEO

An end-to-end legal consulting and solutions provider, focused on helping law departments enhance performance with measureable results and reduced costs

Model N: Simplifying and Accelerating Contract Lifecycles
CIO Review >> vendor

Edward Sander, CEO

A leading provider of cloud-based Revenue Management solutions, including Contract Lifecycle Management, for enterprises seeking to maximize revenues, drive growth, and reduce compliance risk by transforming the revenue lifecycle from...

UnitedLex: End-to-End Contract Management Service
CIO Review >> vendor

Daniel Reed, CEO

Assisting enterprises achieve operational excellence in the design, negotiation and performance of commercial contracts

Wilson Legal Solutions: Comprehensive Law Practice Management
CIO Review >> vendor

Bruce Wilson, CEO

Provides legal technology services and analytics solutions to enhance business performance

eQ eDiscovery Solutions: Bringing Innovations to the Legal Space
CIO Review >> vendor

Chris Gallagher, Senior Vice President and National Director

Offering valuable and extensive legal workforce solutions required for project management of legal, regulatory, and data analytics

Gemba360: A Comprehensive Single Dashboard and Platform to Manage Compliance
CIO Review >> vendor

Nihal Samara, General Counsel and Legal Director

Provides Gemba360 Compliance System that allows agencies to monitor and manage compliance and risk management reporting with one system

Kroll Ontrack: Making E-Discovery More Worthwhile Through Predictive Coding
CIO Review >> vendor

Mark R. Williams, CEO

Provides technology-driven services and software specializing in recovery, data destruction, ediscovery and document review