QDiscovery: Customer-Centric eDiscovery Solutions
CIO Review >> vendor

Donna Epes, Director of Client Services

Offers a full suite of sophisticated eDiscovery and forensic solutions with a laser-focus on customer service

Clio: A New-Age Legal Practice Management Solution
CIO Review >> vendor

Jack Newton, Co-Founder & CEO

Provides a cloud-based legal practice management solution to law firms across the globe

OpenText: Unleash the Power of Information
CIO Review >> vendor

Mark J. Barrenechea, CEO & CTO

A market leader in Enterprise Information Management software and solutions that improve business insight and enables intelligent, connected enterprises

Network Affiliates Inc.: A Compliant and Conversion-Focused Approach toward Online Presence
CIO Review >> vendor

Emily Frickey, Director, Digital Marketing

Pioneers in the legal marketing industry committed to providing quality digital environments

Acorn Legal Solutions: Analytics Gateway to E-discovery
CIO Review >> vendor

Lia Majid, CEO

Acorn provides advanced analytics for documentation review and educational guidance for e-discovery

Bloomberg Law: Spearheading Legal Research with Integrated, Data-Driven Solutions
CIO Review >> vendor

Scott Mozarsky, President

Provides an AI and data analytics-enhanced legal research and business intelligence platform

SimpleLegal: Simplifying Financials for Corporate Legal Teams
CIO Review >> vendor

Nathan Wenzel, CEO and Co-Founder

Modern legal operations software that serves as the system of record for corporate legal departments

Nexidia: Spearheading Innovation in Audio Discovery
CIO Review >> vendor

Ashley Griggs, Director, Legal Markets

A speech and interactive analytics software company, offering leading AudioDiscovery solutions through patented phonetic indexing and search technology

Red-on-line: Securing EHS Compliance Globally
CIO Review >> vendor

Laurent Pitoun, Founder & CEO

Provides comprehensive compliance solutions for global companies

Peppermint Technology: Reinventing Customer Experience in Legal Services
CIO Review >> vendor

Arlene Adams, CEO

Provides cloud solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM specifically tailored for the legal services arena

BOARD International: Ushering a New Era of Decision-Making
CIO Review >> vendor

Scott Jennings, Managing Director

Unifies Business Intelligence, Performance Management, and Predictive Analytics into a single decision-making EPM platform

Confident Governance: Democratizing Governance Processes Worldwide
CIO Review >> vendor

Bhavesh Bhagat, Co-founder & Chairman

An Enterprise Cloud Governance company

Coseer: The Cognitive Computing Accurists
CIO Review >> vendor

Praful Krishna, CEO

Coseer builds cognitive computing technology to automate routine enterprise decisions for language based workflows

Morae Legal: Igniting Business Performance
CIO Review >> vendor

Shahzad Bashir, President & CEO

An end-to-end legal consulting and solutions provider, focused on helping law departments enhance performance with measureable results and reduced costs

Model N: Simplifying and Accelerating Contract Lifecycles
CIO Review >> vendor

Edward Sander, CEO

A leading provider of cloud-based Revenue Management solutions, including Contract Lifecycle Management, for enterprises seeking to maximize revenues, drive growth, and reduce compliance risk by transforming the revenue lifecycle from...

UnitedLex: End-to-End Contract Management Service
CIO Review >> vendor

Daniel Reed, CEO

Assisting enterprises achieve operational excellence in the design, negotiation and performance of commercial contracts

Wilson Legal Solutions: Comprehensive Law Practice Management
CIO Review >> vendor

Bruce Wilson, CEO

Provides legal technology services and analytics solutions to enhance business performance

eQ eDiscovery Solutions: Bringing Innovations to the Legal Space
CIO Review >> vendor

Chris Gallagher, Senior Vice President and National Director

Offering valuable and extensive legal workforce solutions required for project management of legal, regulatory, and data analytics

Gemba360: A Comprehensive Single Dashboard and Platform to Manage Compliance
CIO Review >> vendor

Nihal Samara, General Counsel and Legal Director

Provides Gemba360 Compliance System that allows agencies to monitor and manage compliance and risk management reporting with one system

Kroll Ontrack: Making E-Discovery More Worthwhile Through Predictive Coding
CIO Review >> vendor

Mark R. Williams, CEO

Provides technology-driven services and software specializing in recovery, data destruction, ediscovery and document review