Pyramis Technology Group: Reimagining Product Lifecycle Management for OEMs and Contract Manufacturers
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Marc Schroder, President

Provides a one-stop-shop platform for OEMs to manage the different aspects of their entire supply chain right from manufacturing to end of life disposal. Enabling clients through the development and delivery of a true circular-economy

Surgery Exchange: Automating the Implant Bill-Only Case Process Flow
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Amin Rahme, President & CEO

Provides solutions designed to support hospitals with end-to-end planning and case management focused on “bill only” implants and surgery workflow

iDrive Logistics: Ship Smarter, Save More
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Shaun Rothwell, Founder & CEO

iDrive partners a proprietary business intelligence platform with unmatched industry expertise to strategically reduce small-parcel logistics expense and enhance customer experience

Project44: The Logistics Technology Specialist
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Jett McCandless, CEO

Offers a novel, leading-edge cloud-based visibility platform to digitize the entire shipment lifecycle

Kuecker Logistics Group: Spearheading Facility Automation
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Jim Kuecker, Vice President of Sales

Offers innovative solutions to suit clients' needs for integrated material handling systems

Cirrus Logistics: Redefining Logistics for the Refinery Industry
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Simon Shore, Managing Director

Provides advanced algorithms and intelligent systems to improve the planning and scheduling of logistics operations in the refinery industry

Bossard Group: Enabling Smarter and Faster Manufacturing
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Steen Hansen, CEO

Delivers excellence and innovation in fastening technology

Synaptek: Wireless Mobility Infrastructure with Cloud
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Kamran Jinnah, CEO

Renders wireless mobility services to meet the infrastructure needs of its clients in Federal, State and Local Government

Sheer Logistics: Leveraging Transportation Management with Technology
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Joe Egertson, CEO

Sheer combines specialized expertise, advanced technology and powerful analytics to drive cost savings and streamline options. We partner with our clients to predict risks and respond with right-sized action plans

DCT Solutions: Boutique Consulting for Energy Trading, Risk Analytics and Compliance Solutions
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Raj Balaguru, Vice President of ETRM & Analytics services

DCT Solutions is a leading consulting firm providing ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management) and Compliance solutions to the Energy & Utilities industry

RELEX Solutions: Smarter Planning Guaranteed
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Michael Falck, President, North America

Provides an integrated retail and supply chain planning system

Keystone Dedicated Logistics (KDL): Simplify the Management of Logistics
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Ian Tsai, Executive Vice President

Enable companies to better manage freight by simplifying the complexities and inefficiencies in shipping

Quantumlytix: Pioneering Reverse-Engineered Systems Implementation
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Jack Mensch, President

A data-driven system implementer who uses an application-building and simulation software to create systems that outline efficiency

School-Pass: Manage and Secure K-12 Student Logistics
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Mark Ruiters, Founder & CEO

Manage and secure student arrival, attendance, and dismissal operations

BOARD International: Ushering a New Era of Decision-Making
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Scott Jennings, Managing Director

Unifies Business Intelligence, Performance Management, and Predictive Analytics into a single decision-making EPM platform

Cirrus Logistics: Digitizing Port Scheduling
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Simon Shore, Managing Director

Offers advanced, mathematical simulation solutions to oil and gas companies to digitize schedule and network optimization of their supply chain

IFS: The Phoenix in Operations Streamlining
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Alastair Sorbie, President & CEO

IFS supplies full-spectrum enterprise, project and program-centric manufacturing software to tier 1, 2 and 3 manufacturers and vendors serving aviation and defense

SalesDrip: Where CRM Meets Ingenuity
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Tom Acklam, Co-founder, Pamela Acklam, Co-founder

Offers turnkey automated sales and drip marketing systems for the logistics industry

Balyo: Innovator in Automated Material Handling
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Fabien Bardinet, CEO

Balyo designs, develops and markets totally innovative handling robots

CATS Technology Solutions Group: The Single-source Managed IT Experts
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Darrin Gonchar, President

A single-source IT firm, providing a wide array of business technology solutions