Component Control: Quantum Control of Aftermarket MRO Management
CIO Review >> vendor

Daniel Tautges, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Provides a wide range of solutions for managing maintenance, repair, and overhaul in the aviation aftermarket industry

Sunbird Software: Second-Generation DCIM Solutions
CIO Review >> vendor

Ching-I Hsu, Chairman

Provides second-generation DCIM solutions to overcome the shortcomings of legacy data center management tools

Centeris Data Centers: Leading Data Center Revolution 4.0
CIO Review >> vendor

Lisa Goodman, Vice President of Marketing and Simon Lee, Director

Provides data center infrastructure for mission-critical IT applications and systems

ClickSoftware: Empower Business Agility and Strategic Decision-making
CIO Review >> vendor

Paul Whitelam, Vice President

Provide real operational intelligence and seamless execution of everything from demand forecasting, to scheduling and dispatching, to managing external contractors

Mainline Information Systems: All-round IT expertise! 3 Decades and Counting...
CIO Review >> vendor

Jim Dixon, Mainline VP of Software & Servers

The company is a national, leading information technology solutions and IT consulting firm that also leverages a strategic partnership with IBM for delivering best of breed solutions

Workfront: Modernizing How People Work
CIO Review >> vendor

Steven ZoBell, Chief Product and Technology Officer and Erica Antony, Vice President, Product Management

Workfront is the modern work management platform, helping people do their best work, so teams, organizations, and companies can thrive in a digital world. Workfront aligns work execution to strategic planning for career-changing results. The...

DockYard: Accelerating Digital Disruption
CIO Review >> vendor

Brian Cardarella, CEO

Offers digital product development, custom software, web apps, and website design DockYard

Cybertegic: Design and Development Centred Around Digital Marketing
CIO Review >> vendor

James Hsieh, President & CEO

With special focuses edge on e-commerce and professional businesses, the company delivers website design and development services that are centered around digital marketing strategies that generate sales

CopperTree Analytics: Data Analytics Driven Energy Management
CIO Review >> vendor

Keith La Rose, Director of Sales & Marketing

Provides a cloud-based analytics software to monitor building performance and energy consumption, while providing actionable insights

Aha!: Redefining Product Management with Result-Driven SaaS
CIO Review >> vendor

Brian de Haaff, Co-Founder & CEO

Provides novel solution and service to help enterprises to formulate product management and go-to-market strategies

Barco: Empowering Utilities with Seamless Collaboration
CIO Review >> vendor

Suchit Rout, Director Strategic Marketing

A global leader in enabling critical decision making for smart utilities’ control centers

Jigsaw Interactive: Augmenting Virtual Learning with Engagement Analytics
CIO Review >> vendor

Ginger Ackerman, VP of Sales and Marketing

A leading edge, multi-dimensional, virtual personalized learning platform, featuring interactive multimedia sharing, participant engagement tools and reporting mechanism to effectively assess each training, session or class

MaxMD: Fostering Standards-Based Communication in Healthcare
CIO Review >> vendor

Lisa Nelson, VP of Marketing and Business Development

Provides information technology and interoperability solutions that enable coordinated care for healthcare practices, organizations, hospital systems, and HIT application service providers

Nanoheal: Enhancing Digital Experience through Automation
CIO Review >> vendor

Ray Bruni, VP, Sales & Marketing

Nanoheal delivers digital device automation software for service integrators, enterprises, managed service providers, and premium tech support companies

Atempo: Seamless Data Backup, Migration, and Restore
CIO Review >> vendor

Luc d’Urso, CEO

Leading independent European-based software vendor of data management software products designed for preservation, protection and archiving of corporate digital assets

OTTR: Pioneer of the Transplant Management Space
CIO Review >> vendor

Mike Donnell, CEO and Matt Hunter, Co-CEO & Chief Technology Officer

Renders solid organ transplant and cellular therapy patient tracking software

NICG: Rethinking Human Resources and Benefits in the Changing World
CIO Review >> vendor

Josh Conklin, Co-Founder, President & Chief Revenue Officer and Zain Hasan, Co-Founder & CEO

Specializes in providing a single source solution to everything HR (benefits consulting, technology, and people)

Pandexio: Effectively Capturing Actionable Insights
CIO Review >> vendor

John Burge, CEO & Co-founder and Laci Loew, EVP Marketing

SaaS platform that helps to capture and share information at the insight level within the existing systems

Sea Street Inc.: A Step Closer to Complete Service Automation
CIO Review >> vendor

James Kelso, VP, Business Development and Marketing

Provides a complete solution for business transformation to autonomous IT operations

Viewpath: Eliminating the Chaos of Project Management
CIO Review >> vendor

Natalie Steck, President & CEO

Provides enterprise-grade project portfolio management, and resource planning solutions