HR's Unseen Partner
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Charles Ashworth, Chief People Officer, COPPER

New tools indeed will be our partners in achieving business results —they do make HR more productive, and enable us to work smarter

What are Challenges Faced by the Government To Leverage AI?
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AI has almost entered every sector. How can it impact the government sector? What obstacles will the government encounter?

Innovation in Computing from Venture Investment Perspective
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Anis Uzzaman Ph.D., General Partner & CEO, Pegasus Tech Ventures

Unbeknownst to many consumers is that new features and even some artificial intelligence (AI) functions making our devices smarter have only been possible due to innovations in high speed computing.

Initiatives to Bridge IT-Talent Gaps
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Steve Partridge, Vice President of Workforce Development, Northern Virginia Community College

With credit for prior learning, students with industry certifications in IT are able to earn college credit for their demonstrated mastery of certain technical skills and not have to repeat coursework.

Content Is Your Competitive Advantage How to Use Employee Advocacy to Win the Hearts of Job Candidates
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Allison Kruse, Director of Content and Social Media, Kforce

To get potential employees to know, like and trust you, empower your employees to serve as brand ambassadors.

How have recent technology developments and transformations in the Enterprise Contract Management space made their impacts on your business environment?
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Carolyn Jungclas, CPSM, MBA, Director- Procurement & Vendor Management, First- Citizens Bank & Trust Company

As I sit in a meeting with my business partners and am able to access any of their department contracts from my laptop and then scan the PDF for keywords, it occurs to me that technology has made a significant positive impact on our business...

Software Smooths the Way During Industry Disruption
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Bill Foy, Senior Vice President of Engineering, DENSO International America Inc. [TYO: 6902]

Change is essential, not only to prevailing in a rapidly shifting business, but to provide valuable products and services that go beyond a vehicle-centric focus and enrich society’s broader needs

Mio Application has made Direct Chat in Group Easier for the Employees
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Mio is empowering flawless communication between Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Webex Teams. The technology is helping to solve a common problem that exists in modern enterprises, which is having too many siloed messaging applications. With Mio,...

Refining a QMS with Technology
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Dayna Nicholas, Director of Quality & Regulatory Affairs Manager, Land O' Frost

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing world that is leaner than ever, departments must bring their resources together and collaboratively drive improvements.

Technology in Education: A step to Smart and Well-Informed Generation
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Bobby Blount, Chief Information Officer at Cherokee County School District

Augmented and virtual reality technologies are allowing students to explore places throughout the globe and beyond without leaving their desks.

Creating Pathways to Success Through Extensive Use Of Technology
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Paw Kappel, Head of ICT Department, Bentley Park College

At Bentley Park College, a P-12 college located in the southern corridor of Cairns.

The Dawn of the Blockchain Revolution
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Ildefonso Olmedo, Director of Innovation / Blockchain lead, Santander UK (LSE: BNC)

The latest trend in the blockchain ecosystem that emphasises that the technology is here to stay is the so-called blockchain-as-a-service.

How Company Stability Drives Agility
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Elaine Pulakos, CEO, PDRI

Contrary to popular leadership trends that press on driving “change” at every turn, successful companies invest in stability first — ultimately creating room for innovation and more thoughtful, meaningful change.

Do You Know Where Your Cloud is? Data Recovery and Backup for Healthcare
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Ainsworth Palmer, AVP of Infrastructure, VITAS® Healthcare

Every large corporation understands that doing both is a massive undertaking.

The Fusion of Bitbar and SmartBear might be a Big Win for Customers
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The blend of Bitbar and SmartBear now will leverage its clients with a wide array of tools for building the most exceptional quality software and deliver value rapidly.

3 Promising Technologies Relying on Semiconductors
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Semiconductors are the master component of electronic devices, giving rise to new technologies that transform the society for a better cause.

As Cloud Architectures Grow Up, Migration and Portability Will Be Key Issues
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Brian Loomis, Chief Technology Officer, MSU

Michigan State University is a land-grant research University, located in East Lansing, Michigan, with over 50,000 students and a faculty staff of over 3000.

Application of AI for Knowledge Management
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Carla O'Dell, Chair of APQC

Three aspects of KM turn out to be a good target for analytics and AI: automating or augmenting behind-the-scenes KM tasks, enhancing the employee experience and enabling new capabilities.

The Rise of Blockchain and the Distributed Ledger
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Matt Hawkins, CEO, Cudo Ventures

Blockchain has evolved since 2008, into technologies with the potential to impact every industry, from transport to finance.

Technologies Transforming the Identity and Access Management Market
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Identity and access management (IAM) is transforming to meet the needs of the existing digital era.