Avydium: Reinvigorating Enterprise Information Management
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Rom Linhares, Chief Solution Architect & Managing Partner

Develops infrastructure that responds to changes in an affordable, scalable, maintainable and in limited operational cost

Centrisys: Breaking New Ground in Centrifuge Development
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Michael Kopper, Founder & CEO

Centrisys provides centrifuge equipment for liquid-solids separation and sludge thickening along with innovative process technologies for wastewater, water and biosolids

Moose Mountain Technical Services: Mining Expertise and Experience
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Jim Gray PEng, President and Principal Mining Engineer

Offers services ranging from early grassroots exploration and development, resource and reserve estimates to advanced planning and studies for mine proposals for a variety of resources

HyperSciences: Hypersonic Technology Crowd-financed to Revolutionize Drilling and Tunneling at 5-10X faster
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Mark Russell, Founder & CEO

By using low-cost chemical energy to accelerate projectiles to high velocities, the company’s offerings foster efficient tunnelling and drilling

The Network Place
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Damien Mc Clave, Founder and President

Provides efficient document management technology that capture,process, manage, store, and distribute data as per required format

Bentley Systems: Optimizing Mining Operations
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Greg Bentley, CEO

Bentley offers mining solutions to design the supporting infrastructure for mine sites to optimize mine operations and maximize productivity

Redline Communications: Boosting Secure Network Connectivity
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Robert Williams, CEO

Designs and builds devices, PMP, Private Dedicated LTE pico and microcell wireless networks optimized for critical applications in the most challenging locations

Identified Technologies: Know When Others Guess
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Dick Zhang, CEO

The leading fully-managed commercial drone solution

Forecast5TM Analytics - Data: A New Precious Resource for the Public Sector
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Mike English, President & CEO

Provides powerful data analytics and collaboration application suite to help local government leaders drive strategic and financial decisions with better information

Modular Mining Systems, Inc.: Where Mining Meets Innovation
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Luiz Steinberg, CEO & President

Provides mine optimization solutions to enhance productivity, safety, and equipment availability and utilization

GE Automation: Maximizing Productivity and ROI for Miners
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Jim Walsh, General Manager Automation & Controls

Specializes in grid Solutions, industrial Solutions, and Power Conversion

Maptek: Rediscover Mining
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Peter Johnson, CEO

Provider of innovative software, hardware and services for global mining companies

GAVS Technologies: Creating Zero Incident Enterprises
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Sumit Ganguli, CEO

Smart machine based infrastructure automation platform that enhances your customer’s user experience and enterprise’s system availability

Real IRM: Redefining EA Worldwide
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Stuart Macgregor, CEO

An EA specialist who offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services to create sustainable business advantage and add value to business operations

RITTER: Generating Powerful Data Insights
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Gerry García-Noriega, Owner and CEO

Provider of Business Intelligence solutions, analytics and big data

Crunch Data, Inc.: Connecting Data to Guarantee BI Readiness
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Douglas Textor, CEO

Provides solutions for data visualization to ensure BI readiness

EXL: Unveiling the True Meaning of Big Data
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Rohit Kapoor, Vice Chairman & CEO

Provides operations management, decision analytics, and technology platforms to organizations in insurance, healthcare,banking and financial services, utilities, travel, and transportation, among others.

Keeper Technology: Scalable Architectures for Big Data Storage and Analytics
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David Donald, Founder

Provides products that facilitate big data analytics, data management services and software defined storage.

Melinae: Data and Analytics to Drive Business Results
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Jim Quallen, CEO

Solving business challenges facing global organizations through the use of data and advanced analytics

CA Technologies: Contriving ALM Solutions for Effectively Tackling Application Economy
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Mike Gregoire, CEO

Helps customers succeed in a futurewhere every business — from apparel to energy — is being rewritten by software.